This is the Chris Kreider the Rangers have been waiting for

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Chris Kreider leads the Rangers with 12 goals and 20 points and also has ___

In the past, Kreider reached 12 goals in:


  • 17-18: 42 games
  • 16-17: 32 games
  • 15-16: 58 games
  • 14-15: 49 games
  • 13-14: 40 games

His shooting percentage this season is 20.3% compared to his career average of 13.4%.

From the Rangers Game Notes, Kreider has “tallied a point in five of the last six games (five goals, four assists over the span). He has also registered seven points (four goals, three assists) over the last four games, and he has posted a multi-point game in three of the four contests. Kreider has registered seven multi-point games thus far this season.”

Last weekend, Larry Brooks wondered if the Rangers would consider moving Kreider in a potential deal to acquire William Nylander from the Maple Leafs. (NY Post)

Brooks noted though that Kreider has become an “essential part of the foundation and one of the team’s leaders.” (NY Post)

Jerry York, his coach at BC, said that Kreider’s Hockey IQ is getting better as he gets older and that he is someone who is “always going full out.” (NHLPA)

Kreider said that he has tried to play a simple game lately by running into people, going to the net and getting pucks to the net. (NY Post)

Quinn said on 11/17,  “he is a guy that has been very productive point-wise, goal-wise. His last three games he played well, when he plays that simple straight line game he is a hard guy to handle and I think our guys follow that lead from him. He’s very smart and I think that sometimes he can overthink it, he and I have talked about that, he acknowledges that and sometimes it can get in his way toward being the player he needs to be. I think that he has done a really good job of not overthinking the last few games and we have seen the results.”

Adam Rotter: There have been so many times over the years where the Rangers could have, and maybe should have, traded Chris Kreider. They never did because they never wanted to see this Chris Kreider play for any team but the Rangers. Kreider has always brought his speed, size and ability to play in front of the net, but it’s been scoring off the rush on a consistent basis that has always been missing. That hasn’t been the case lately as he comes down the wing with speed and space and routinely beating goalies. He’s a UFA after next season but I don’t think he will get there. My guess is that July 1, 2019 sees the Rangers not only extend Kreider long-term but but stitch a “C” on the front of his jersey.