Rangers lose 4-0 in Philly

5:05PM: David Quinn spoke after the game and said (NYR):

  • On the game, “We really didn’t have our legs from the get-go and over 82 games you are going to have stinkers and I put this in the stinker category. We were a little slow with everything that we did, we were slow with skating, slow thinking, shooting. I wonder, you get five and you win the way we did against the Islanders, all of a sudden you lose your identity and lose who you think you are and we were just doing things we normally haven’t done with the puck that really causes problems. Our lack of pace hurt us but that is a good hockey team. I know they have struggled a little bit but give them a lot of credit, they made us look slow too. It was a combo of us not playing with the pace that we have over the past few weeks and them playing well.”
  • On allowing odd-man rushes, “it goes back to puck management and trying things that we shouldn’t be trying. We gave up more odd-man rushes, it felt like, tonight than we have over the last 4-5 games combined. That is a reflection of our mindset more than anything, feeling a little bit too good about ourselves and trying things we probably shouldn’t be trying.”
  • On it being a one-goal game late, “we are one shot away no matter how poorly we are playing and it’s something that we kept trying to reiterate. We had the TV timeout and we hit a post, right before that Lias had the breakaway and so it looked like we had a chance but I’m sure their sitting on their bench thinking it should be 5-0. It swings both ways. From our perspective it would have been nice to maybe steal a point but we got what we deserved.”
  • On Zuccarello, “there was a lot of uncertainty, he was feeling very confident that he would be able to play and be a full go but I wanted to ease into it.”

4:14PM: First Period:

  • Travis Konecny Assists: Sean Couturier, Claude Giroux

Second Period:


Third Period:

  • Sean Couturier Assists: Travis Konecny, Claude Giroux
  • Jordan Weal (ENG) Assists: Wayne Simmonds
  • Sean Couturier Assists: Travis Konecny, Claude Giroux


Adam’s Thoughts:

  • This was certainly not what the Rangers were looking for heading into today’s game. They were sluggish, didn’t manage the puck well and couldn’t find a way to tie it up despite Henrik Lundqvist keeping the game close.
  • The Rangers, despite their recent streak, are not going to win every night but the only reason they were in this game was because of their goaltending. Those kinds of games will happen from time to time but they are not the games that the Rangers need.
  • Like other times this season the Rangers have bounced back from lackluster games and they get a chance to do that tomorrow against the Caps.