Where the Rangers are with their special teams

The Rangers were 5 for 5 on the PK against the Ducks this week and stopped a six-game streak of allowing PP goals.

When asked about the PK on Friday, David Quinn said we fight with when to be aggressive and when not, the indecisiveness hurts us on the PK. We have to balance that and when you struggle you become less aggressive and PK with caution and the slightest hesitation with the PK puts you at a big disadvantage, especially against high end PPs. Whatever you do, you do it quickly and with conviction so that people can read off of you and if it’s a mistake it’s a mistake but at least it’s an aggressive mistake. Being indecisive is usually the biggest problem on any PK.” (MSG)

Overall on the season, the Rangers are 25th overall in PK percentage.


As for the PP, the Rangers are 16th in the league and when asked about that, Quinn said our intensity level has to pick up a little bit on our PP. Sometimes players get caught up in where to go but you gotta play hockey within the PP and too often teams get caught up in the structure of the PP as opposed to playing with more intensity and pace. A lot of times PPs are ineffective because of lack of intensity.” (MSG)