What David Quinn said after the loss to the Sens

David Quinn met with the media following the loss to Ottawa and said (MSG):

  • On the game, “We were just flat, very, very flat, not a lot of emotion, passion, enthusiasm on the bench, really it was as bad as it’s been. Through a difficult time I thought we have handled the situation well for the most part, we’ve had moments in games where we were flat, didn’t have a lot of emotion but it hasn’t gone that long. A team goes up 3-0 and probably drop their intensity a bit but we had a lot of fluff zone time, a lot of fluff zone time, not a lot going on. Really disappointing.”
  • On Zibanejad, “I wasn’t surprised that he won it, we’ve all talked about what a great year he’s had and how consistent he’s been. A lot of people will point to his point total as they should but there is so much more to his game, he’s been our number one center, killed penalties, PP, done everything for it and well deserved, well deserved.”
  • On Lias Andersson, “it was a great goal by Lias and he had some good moments tonight. We had a few guys that come to play, not many but Lias was certainly one of him.”
  • On motivation and flat efforts, “I would think that over 82 games you are going to have games like this, you want them few and far between obviously, you don’t want them as bad as they were tonight. It’s tough to judge under these circumstances, I think that as a whole we have handled it pretty well, haven’t won obviously but played with some pace and oomph and passion and desire and we’ve cared, tonight we didn’t have any of that. As a coach you learn how to motivate and manage the team, that is your number one responsibility in a lot of ways. I’ll be learning all the way to the end.”
  • On the goalie for Saturday, “Georgie will play Friday and I’ll talk with Hank. I was hoping we could get him to 20, I feel bad for him because we certainly didn’t give him a chance tonight.”