2019-20 Rangers

David Quinn on Panarin, Trouba, Chytil and more

Rangers coach David Quinn met with the media on Sunday and said (NYR):

  • How is camp different this year, “I think the familiarity between the coaches and players and expectations are already understood, especially from the veterans that were here last year. It makes it easier to hit the ground running.”
  • On Chytil taking another step, “after talking to him and just looking at him and the way he is carrying himself, he certainly seems like he is ready for the next level and what that level may be, we will find out, but he looks different, acts different, more mature. During the 1 on 1 drills yesterday, Brady Skjei said to me halfway through, ‘boy is Fil a lot stronger than he was last year.’ With that comes confidence and this a game where you have to have confidence but confidence is earned and you just don’t give it to people and I’ve said that before. All the hard work Fil put in over the summer has given him more confidence.”
  • Is Chytil ready for that responsibility, “the opportunity, he is earning the responsibility but I also want to give him an opportunity to cash in on his hard work and all the results we have seen the last 4-5 months.”
  • What have you seen from Panarin, “he works really hard, I like his work ethic. He always has a smile on his face, very coachable, very receptive. You tell him something once and he does it, when you have a guy of that stature, with the success he has had in this league that acts the way he does, it bodes well for us not only on the ice but off the ice.”
  • What have you seen from Trouba, “he comes as advertised, he can shoot it, he can pass it. He has a mean streak to him, there is no nonsense to his game and it’s no mystery why he has had success in this league.”
  • How does Trouba impact the group, “what he is going to do for us, our D corp should feel better about itself because guys are going to be put in a position for success. Maybe last year we were asking guys to do too much and now I think that Trouba gives us an opportunity to put people in a position to succeed. It’s amazing what one guy can do for that position.”
  • On the third spot on left defense, “There are a bunch guys fighting for that position. Libor was here last year and had some opportunity. Crawley has had success within our organization. I don’t want to start naming a bunch of guys but there is an opportunity for a bunch of guys to make the team and contribute. Lindgren was up here last year. There is certainly an opportunity for these guys.”
  • On Shesterkin being run-over twice, “he’s well protected, a lot of equipment on, wasn’t too worried.”
  • Do you like that they are driving to the net, “I like that they are going in.”