2019-20 Rangers

David Quinn on tomorrow’s game, Kakko, Kravtsov and more

David Quinn met with the media on Tuesday and said (NYR):

  • On Kakko playing on the top-line, “that’s just temporary, just for tomorrow. Don’t read into that.”
  • Are you interested in seeing him in that role, “I’m curious to see him in an NHL game. It’s nice for him to play with those two guys. As you guys have seen, over the course of a lot of exhibition games there are a lot of different line combinations and I know we all want to read into all of it but Buchie is going right back with those two guys.”
  • So why did you decide to do it, “why not? It’s just trying people in different positions and…not everyone is going to play in all of the exhibition games and…we wanted to get Kakko in an NHL game.”
  • What have you seen from Kakko, “it almost confirms what we already know about him. He’s an elite talent, he’s played against pro players, his transition has been a little easier than guys coming out of major junior or college hockey and he’s probably a little bit more pro ready.”
  • Why do you think Brady Skjei is a top-pair guy, “he’s done it a bunch of times in his career and I thought he had a much better second half than first half, we’ve talked an awful lot about that. I think he’s in a great mindset, it doesn’t hurt that Trouba is here, they have a great relationship on and off the ice. He’s at that age where it’s time for him to do it on a consistent basis and I feel confident that he will do it on a consistent basis.”
  • On Skjei’s mindset, “I thought he was in a better place at the end of last year and I think he feels really good about his summer and where he’s at mentally, the contract is behind him. I think he is in a much better place mentally.”
  • On forward depth, “when you add players of that talent your lineup gets longer and better and people feel more confident. Back to Brady, I think Brady feels better because Trouba’s here and feels better about our D corp in general. I think everyone feels better when you add a good player and puts them at ease and in a better position to have success.”
  • On where it’s best for young players, “it depends who the person is. There are some guys who can’t handle that, it’s all up to the individual, every situation is different. It’s hard to give a blanket answer, it’s hard to answer because every situation is different. Some players you can say they would be better off in Hartford, some players are better off here. It’s case by case.”
  • On Vitali Kravtsov so far, “he’s definitely in the mix and I really like his progression. He’s made strides while he was out in Traverse City. I thought he got off to a little bit of a slow start but as the tournament went on he got better and better and I think you can say the same thing about training camp. He’s getting acclimated to the North American pace, it’s different hockey than he is used to but the thing I love about him, he’s very coachable, he wants to learn. You say something to him and he absorbs it and learns it and he’s done a good job and I like the direction he’s going in.”
  • Do you want Kravtsov playing consistently somewhere, “I need to get to know him better, as I get more familiar coaching him I’ll get a clearer picture after another week to ten days.”
  • On the preseason and roster competition, “the competition is real. I said to our guys before training camp that they would be hard pressed to find another training camp in our league that has more opportunity than ours. Not just from the making the roster standpoint but putting yourself in a spot on the roster. These games mean an awful lot and we are looking forward to seeing what they can do against another opponent.”
  • Do you know how many games each guy will play, “not really, we have a ballpark idea. Injuries weigh into it. We have an idea but nothing concrete.”
  • On the goalie plan for tomorrow, “we will probably see both of them tomorrow.”
  • On Shesterkin so far, “I’m pleased with his progress, Ben loves coaching him. I love how he competes and again, it is a learning curve for a goalie since the angles are different, the rink is different. There is a big adjustment for a goalie and he has handled it well and progressed.”