2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Ottawa

David Quinn spoke on MSG after the loss to Ottawa and said:

  • On what happened after the first 11 minutes, “just the way that first 11 minutes unfolded, you could feel it on the bench after we made it 1-0 that we felt this game was going to be a different type of game, that it was going to be easy. Really it was two different games, there was the 11-minute and the 49-minute game and unfortunately we played the 11-minute game instead of the 49-minute game.”
  • Were you surprised at what happened, “no, I was actually a little concerned as the first 10 minutes were unfolding just because, I know what can happen and human nature can kick in, when you have youth you might think things will be easy. Give Ottawa a lot of credit, they upped the ante and it was almost like we were surprised that they were competing and skating and for 49 minutes we didn’t handle it well at all.”
  • Did the fight change the momentum, “it could have, fighting can do that. I wish it would have inspired us a little more but it didn’t.”
  • Did Ottawa do anything to take you out of your game, “no, like I said, it’s an NHL game, they want to win a hockey game, they were competing and battling and as the game went on it looked like we were getting upset that they were actually doing it. We’ve got to learn to handle these things. For two games we did it and this one we didn’t and it cost us severely.”
  • Was Kakko a positive, “yes, very much so, he had a really good night. You can just see him play with a different level of confidence right now. He might have been the only guy who had a good night for us.”
  • What impact did Brady Tkachuk have, “he’s an agitating player and we played right into his hands, that is all you can say. On top of being an agitating player he’s a really good player. This game is about managing emotions and not being distracted and we had a few too many guys get distracted.”
  • On Georgiev, “not his best night.”