2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Detroit

David Quinn met with the media following the win over Detroit and said (NYR Game Notes):

  • On the game, “the kill was a big piece of the game, not a lot going on in the game in general. They get a PP, we do a good job killing it, we draw the penalty and capitalize on our PP and then did some good things to get a 3-0 lead and then, again, I thought we made things complicated for ourselves with the goal they scored to make it 3-1. I didn’t love the end of our second period but we were much better in the third, played a smarter game, didn’t take unnecessary chances and giving up odd-man rushes. We get the shorthanded goal because it’s 3-2 if they capitalize on their PP and we get the shorthanded goal that puts us in a good position.”
  • On Fox on the PP, “I liked both units, nice that they both got a goal but there was some mojo on both units. They haven’t really had a chance to practice together, good signs from both units.”
  • Will you go with Henrik tomorrow, “it’s 10 minutes since the game ended, I’ll talk with Benny and we’ll make that decision.”
  • On how Henrik has handled discussions about his playing time, “he understands why we are doing it, this isn’t punishment it’s load management, game management for someone his age and the way the position has changed a little bit. Most teams are going with a 2-goalie situation where one might play 60% and the other 40% and I think that when the dust settles that will be the case for us. He’s handled it well and played well. As I said to him at the end of last season, we want you to have a good season, not a good half and I think this will help him do that.
  • On it being an adjustment for him, “for sure and as you get older in your career there are a lot of adjustments you have to make. He’s embracing it and understanding it, I’m sure he doesn’t love it, I’m sure he wants to play 65-70 games and I wouldn’t want a goalie not wanting to play 65-70 games. He’s a smart guy and understands the changes and adapting as you move further in your career.”
  • On Marc Staal’s game, “Staalsie had a solid night.”
  • Will the defense change game to game, “yes, it will be that. Guys that play well and maybe the leash is shorter for guys because I’m comfortable with seven. Maybe there are times where if you don’t feel great with all seven, a guy doesn’t have a good night and you give him another chance, well that might be a little bit different now with seven guys that I would like to see play.”
  • On team defense, “There were a couple of times we were hemmed in but structurally pretty good and didn’t give up much or anything at all, especially in the second period where you’re in the offensive zone for 35-40 seconds, all the sudden it’s coming down in your end and you get hemmed in for a minute plus and that happened a couple of times tonight to us where there wasn’t an opportunity to change and they get stuck out there for 1:20, 1:30 which is too long but sometime it’s a faultless situation. That being said, I know we can do a better job changing quicker and having shorter shifts.”
  • On DeAngelo, “Tony has always been an offensive player with great instincts and skills and I’m not surprised he is putting up points at this rate. Last year he had 30 something points and a half a point a game  guy and this year he has elevated it. It’s why he got drafted in the first round and everyone thought so highly of him.”