2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Pitt

David Quinn met with the media following the win over Pittsburgh and said (NYR Game Notes):

  • On the start to OT, “I wanted to wheel out three oxygen tanks, I didn’t think they were going to allow me to do that. That happens a lot in OT, you are in the o-zone, we didn’t get a lot and they catch us down in our end, they are able to change and we hung on. We get some fresh bodies and then we are able to counter and just a heck of a play by Fox to Kakko.”
  • On Kakko, “just talking to him, the way he walks around now, there is just a whole new level of swagger that I hadn’t seen since he got here, not only on the ice but off the ice. There is a comfort level he is attaining and you can see it in his face, a lot more smiling, a lot more swagger.”
  • Why Fox and Kakko in OT, How did it work out…because they are good and deserved to be out there. Good players and they earned that opportunity.”
  • On Georgiev, “he played well. I liked overall, one of the things we’ve talked about is that we need to limit shots. Too often we are somebody and there isn’t enough pride in making sure they don’t get a shot to the net. We did a better job of that tonight and I still think there is another level for us to get to but we can’t be giving up the shots we’ve been giving up. I thought as a team we were better at not giving up shots, we had better sticks, better gaps and he made saves when he had to which is always key in a game when you play a team with that talent.”
  • On managing Kakko, “he’s a guy that has played pro hockey before, played in the World Championships so he’s not going to be intimidated by any challenge presented to him, I’m not worried about moving him up and having him take a step back. I think he is continuing to build on his confidence level and proven he can have success this year in the NHL, that is for sure.”
  • What happened in the second, “I knew they were going to turn it up a notch, one, two, I thought we dropped a notch and when you have that type of gap you have what unfolded in the second period. We stopped skating and stopped doing the things we were doing and they turned it up. You always wonder, was it us or them and I think it was a combo.”
  • On Lindgren and Fox battling Malkin, “I’ve known these guys for a while so I haven’t learned much more than I knew about these guys. The question that I had with Foxy was how quickly he would adapt to the pace and defending in the NHL. Ryan Lindgren, I can’t give him enough credit for what he has done as a player. Everyone talked about how competitive he was, how hard he was, this guy has changed his body, quicker, more agile, does a really good job getting us out of our end and he hasn’t lost his competitive edge. He’s really turned himself into a real good player in a short period of time.’