2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the Rangers were blown out in Tampa

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the loss to the Lightning and said:

  • On the game, “we lost to a really good hockey team that was on their “A” game and we were far from on our “A” game. When you’ve got teams in the situation we are in and that happens, you get the result we got tonight.”
  • On the penalties, “frustration kicks in and we have to do a better job controlling ourselves with our frustration level and didn’t do a good job of that at all tonight. We get the 5 on 3 and that really opens the floodgates, whether I agree with the call or not, that put us down 5 on 3 and I know it may sound crazy when you lose 9-3 but, if it’s 1-0 and you keep playing maybe the whole game takes on a different dynamic but I don’t think so with the way they came out ready to play tonight and we didn’t.”
  • Were they overwhelmed at the start, “yea, we were overwhelmed from the start, all the way to finish.”
  • On Trouba’s injury, “upper body, hopefully be ready to go on Saturday.”
  • On Kakko missing the game, “battling the flu.”
  • “we have shown this tendency in the short season that when things don’t go well, we don’t make them better. I had to play people because of the numbers, I would have liked to have sat some guys for their actions but I didn’t want to put our other players in jeopardy and we have a game to play on Saturday, I didn’t want to overload certain guys but when you get 10 minute misconducts and spend time in the box the way we did, I’m forced to play people and when things go bad, when you have frustrating situations you have to learn to make it better and as much as this league is about your physical skill it’s about your mental skill and I don’t know if it’s our youth or immaturity or whatnot but unfortunately, in the short season we’ve had, we haven’t done a great job of when things aren’t going great, stopping it and making it better.”
  • On his frustration level, “it’s too soon…listen, we lost one game and obviously the way it went was embarrassing and not anything anyone is proud of but we have to dust ourselves off and be ready to play on Saturday. That is what it’s all about, we have been playing some pretty good hockey up to this point and we have to move past this. Maybe we weren’t able to stem the tide during the course of the game but we have to do it between games and be ready to play Saturday.”
  • On putting Georgiev back in, “they get four in the first, four in the second and I though I’d get Georgie in there and Hank is playing on Saturday. I don’t like doing it but I thought it was the best thing to do.”