2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said on the radio Friday morning

David Quinn was on ESPN NY Radio at 11AM on Friday and said:

  • Do you just burn the tape from last night, “it’s a balancing act, you can’t forget it, that is for sure and you have to learn from it but you also don’t want it to get in the way of your next performance. Less than 72 hours ago we were feeling pretty good after we beat Pittsburgh and all the sudden you get your doors blown off in a fashion you are certainly not proud of. There is definitely something to be learned from it but you have to move forward and you have to make sure that you do whatever you can in the next 24 hours to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
  • On issues staying out of the box, “the whole situation just got to us. We are playing a team that a lot of people think can win the Stanley Cup, they are playing with a little bit of an edge right now. When they came into NY a few weeks ago we beat them 4-1 and it just seemed, right from the get go…7 minutes into the game it’s 3-0 and we never recovered. We made it 4-1 and had a chance to make it 4-2 at the end of the first and if that had happened it could have settled us down a little bit and give us some hope but there is certainly a trend here, when things don’t go well in a game we haven’t had the ability to stop it and get better. That is something as a group we have to learn to do collectively and after 16 games it’s alarming because we have to do a better job of handling these situations. The thing I do like, we’ve had performances where we’ve bounced back quickly. The last game similar to this was the Bruins game and hten we probably had our two best games of the year beating Tampa and Nashville and deserved to win those games with the way we played. We have to get back to that and take care of business tomorrow in Florida.
  • Did travel have any impact, “no, I don’t think so. I literally think we ran into a team that had two good wins in Europe, had a week off, hadn’t played at home in three weeks. They are very good and we weren’t. When you add that up you get the results you get last night, to me this isn’t just one night, like I said, we haven’t had the ability, when things aren’t going great in a game, to stop it and turn it around very often. We’ve done it a few times but we have to do a better job of handling adversity and being mentally tougher. Every team acquires that collectively, that is not something that happens overnight, sometime it takes a little bit of an embarrassment to wake up and realize what you have to do. One of the things we talked about this morning, this team won 60 games last year and gets swept in the first round of the playoffs. No matter how often you talk to people about doing things the right way, sometimes you have to suffer to really learn something and I’m hoping that is what happened to us last night and we can use it as a springboard to learn and be better in those situations.”
  • On 100 games as Rangers coach, “I did not know that, I was not aware. Every day I can’t believe I’m the head coach of the Rangers and I don’t say that lightly. It’s an incredible honor, I’ve enjoyed every second of it, a great group to coach, incredible organization, I love NY but we have to win hockey games. We are a young team that continues to improve, which we are proud of, but you want to win, and the one thing I will say, it’s a group you want to be around. I enjoyed last year’s team as well. I’m coaching in the NHL and the Rangers, what could be better than that.”
  • On the Palat/4th goal last night lacking effort, “without question, we got deflated and that is the thing we have to stop doing. It’s 3-0 and we have to keep playing. You look on our bench and guys feel sorry for themselves, heads are sulking, maybe that is youth but that is something we have to learn and address and make sure it doesn’t happen. The good thing is that it hasn’t happened often, we just have to handle adversity better. You aren’t going to play 60 perfect minutes, there are going to be stretches where stuff isn’t going great but the key to success is how you handle those moments and making sure a two-minute stretch doesn’t lead to an eight-minute stretch. Right now we are finding our way and trying to do that.”
  • On expecting them to come out strong tomorrow, “Yes I do, the only game we can draw from is the Boston game and we responded big time after that. That is the good news, I have all the confidence in the world we will do that.”
  • On how the team has bounced back under him, “we talked about that today, we are still 8-7-1 and it feels like we lost 4 games last night but we only lost one. You come down to Florida and you lose to Tampa and beat Florida and okay, you can live with that road trip. But talking about it is great, you actually have to go out and do it. We have done it and I’m anticipating us doing it again.”
  • Is Kakko back in tomorrow, “hope so, still wasn’t feeling great today but we hope he does get back, he’s certainly in a good stretch and we could use him.”
  • Is that the first time you switched back and forth with goalies, “one time when I was at Northeastern it happened. It’s not fun, you can’t blame either one of those guys, I was doing it more to protect them. Silver lining is we did win the third period. I thought Georgie had a good third period because they had their chances in the third as well.”