2019-20 Rangers

David Quinn on the lineup, Trouba, Lias Andersson and more

6:55PM: Kakko is out with the flu. (MSG)

2:36PM: Kaapo Kakko is a game-time decision for the Rangers after missing Thursday’s game with the flu. (NYR)

Jacob Trouba will play after missing parts of Thursday’s game and Henrik Lundqvist is in net against the Panthers. (NYR)


David Quinn spoke after the morning skate and said (NYR):

  • What do you take from Thursday, “I take that we lost one game, not four and we all have to keep that in perspective. It’s certainly not something we are proud of, a night we need to move past but can’t forget and we have to learn from it. Sometimes the best teacher is getting your ass handed to you and that is what happened to us on Thursday. We have to keep it in perspective, can’t get too high when we play a good game and can’t get too low when we don’t play a good game.”
  • On the dealing with the team when they are on their heels that early, “you try to give them hope and tell them that it’s not over yet, there is plenty of time left. We make it 4-1, have a chance to make it 4-2 at the end of the period and 4-1 it’s still a hockey game. 11 minutes into the second it’s still 4-1 and then it just magnified itself. Everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong, it snowballed, we certainly did an awful lot of things we need to clean up. They are a really good hockey team, with a lot of talent and probably playing a little pissed off after what happened to them last year, has a whole new level of focus and as disappointed as I was in our play, I was very impressed with Tampa.”
  • Will Kakko play, “game time decision. I gave Hank the option.”
  • On how the team bounces back, “we have had difficulty, when things don’t go well in a game making it better. What we have done a good job of, after game like you saw on Thursday, is bouncing back and playing better. I’m banking on that trend continuing.”
  • On Panarin, “when you have a guy that can make a play every time he is out there, it puts the opposing team on their heels a bit and they certainly have to spend a lot of attention on him and that can free other people up. It’s nice to have a player that every time he is out there, that good things can happen. He can create offense whether he is creating the goal or setting up a goal. That is why we signed him.”
  • On Trouba’s season, “One thing I love about Troubs is that no matter what is going on, he’s competitive. He’s a guy you don’t want to go in the corner with, I thought he’s been playing better. He can eat minutes, kills penalties, PP. I think he has had a good start and, as some of our guys have, ups and downs in the first 16 games but he brings an awful lot to the table for us.”
  • On Trouba taking risks, “I’m okay if there is a forward behind him. Those are reads, not just him but our D have to make better decisions on when to get involved offensively. Our success is simple, from our end of it, when we have a good F3 and our D are involved offensively and pinching, we sustain zone pressure and don’t give up odd-man rushes. It’s crazy the swing in scoring chances from game to game, there are games we give up 12 and games we give up 28. We have to find that happy medium, our bad nights can’t be giving up 28 scoring chances, you have no chance to win when you do that. Of the 8 games we won, I bet we’ve given up 15 or less scoring chances within them. The games we lose we are giving up 25-26-28 scoring chances. You can’t win that way and we have to find that happy medium. We are 16 games in and we have to raise our floor more than anything. When we’ve played well we’ve had success and when we’ve struggled we’ve really struggled and the drop has been too big and we have to close that gap.”
  • Is Trouba in tonight, “yea.”
  • On Lias Andersson, “I just want to let him know that we all believe in him and think he is a good player. Young players go through highs and lows through a season. Our job is to help players get confidence, not give them confidence, that is up to them. It’s that old adage of ‘the coach doesn’t have confidence in me’ well, the player has to give the coach confidence in him and we have confidence in him. We know he’s a good player, we know he’s capable of being a good contributor for us and I just wanted to let him know that and reiterate it and expect him to have a good night tonight.”
  • Have you considered looking at Lias in a different spot, “if he earns it he will get a different look. That is something a player earns more than anything.”