2019-20 Rangers

Zibanejad not playing this weekend, Lundqvist in net against Ottawa

Mika Zibanejad did not make the trip with the Rangers to Ottawa and will not play tomorrow against the Senators or on Saturday in Montreal. (Newsday)

Zibanejad did take part in the Rangers optional skate today and was in a regular jersey instead of the non-contact one he had been wearing. (Brooks)

Henrik Lundqvist will be in net against the Senators on Friday and Alex Georgiev will start on Saturday in Montreal. (NYR)


David Quinn spoke after practice and said (NYR):

  • Was it a good sign he was on the ice, “yea, it is a good sign.”
  • Would he come on the trip, “there is a chance.”
  • Would he play on the trip, “if he came it would be more of being with the team, skating with a few more people, things of that nature.”
  • Do you think he will play, “I’d be shocked if he does. He’s getting closer and closer.”
  • Would he need a full practice before returning, “yea, that is probably why he not gonna…we’ll see. There is a lot of uncertainty with the situation because he hasn’t had contact. I don’t want to just throw him out there for a full game without having a chance to practice with some contact. We will see.”
  • What do you need to see before he is ready, “he needs to feel good, we need to feel good about where he is mentally. Contact is a piece of it, even if we don’t have a full practice we might be able to put him in situations in a morning skate where we put him in demanding situations and see how he does too. There are a lot of things we can do to see where he is at.”

On Artemi Panarin, Quinn said: “he’s got a dynamic personality, always in a good mood, fun to be around but we didn’t sign him to run parties off the rink or be a clown. We hired him to do what he is doing on the ice and he is doing a great job. You can feel it, when he gets the puck there is a little more pace to our game, a little more swagger and in-turn, the other team says uh-oh.”

On Panarin having a well rounded game, “the thing I love is that he wants to learn, so anything you talk to him about he instantaneously does it the next day and that is a great sign for all of us. I think he is putting a lot of pressure on himself from a points standpoint when the season started, but I think he is fully understanding his responsibilities. It’s not just about the points, because of our roster and the situation we are in, he’s a leader and needs to set examples for the way we are going to need to play to have success and he has embraced it.”