2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss in Ottawa

David Quinn spoke on MSG following the loss to Ottawa and said:

  • “An abysmal game in so many ways. Give Ottawa a lot of credit, they played hard, played smart, won every foot race and one-on-one battle and at the end of the day, that is the trend for us, when we start feeling good about ourselves we don’t do a really good job of handling it. This is as disappointing as it’s been because I thought we were actually going in the right direction and building off a couple of really good games for us but we are back to square one.”
  • On playing tomorrow, “yea, that is the bottom line, the good news is, unfortunately we have responded well to games like this but they have happened too often. Hopefully we can follow the trend when we don’t play well we come back and put forth a much better effort.”
  • Why does it keep happening, “I think we have guys that don’t understand how hard it is in this league. It’s not our young players, I’ll tell you that right now, it’s guys that have been in the league before and these guys have to step up and deliver in situations like this.”
  • On different tactics to take, “We try everything, changing lines up, yelling and screaming, coddling. I just have to keep trying to find ways to do it.”
  • On changing up the lines, “I was unhappy with everybody…everybody. The lapses were every single guy in the lineup.”
  • On the impact of being scored on one minute in, “to me that is a sign of not being mentally tough enough to recover from a goal but, boy, did we do everything wrong in order to put them in a position to score a goal like that. All five guys on the ice made mistakes.”