2019-20 Rangers

Haley in, Gettinger out and Georgiev in net against the Habs

Micheal Haley will return to the Rangers lineup tonight in place of Tim Gettinger.

Haley hasn’t played since last Saturday’s loss to Florida. He was placed on and cleared waivers earlier this week but not sent down.

Alex Georgiev is in net.


David Quinn spoke before the game and said (NYR):

  • On 20 games into the season, “we are 9-9-2 for a reason. These last two games really summarize why we are in the situation we are in. We can do what we did against Washington and do all the things necessary to win a hockey game at this level and then two nights later completely abandon all the things we did consistently and put ourselves in a difficult situation. Something we talked about today, addressed it, addressed it in a different manor and hopefully it pays off.”
  • On the consistency issue, “we just have to do a better job of understanding that during the course of the game you might have some bad moments and if it happens to us early, we are having a difficult time stopping it and turning things around. When things start off well we continue to play well. It’s not just offensively, it’s defensively, PP, PK, the whole thing. Our whole game suffers for it. At the 20-game mark you get a pretty good feel for where you are at and that is where we are at right now.”
  • Lineup changes, “Haley is in and Gettinger is out.”
  • Why, “I wanted to get Haley in, he’s a veteran, plays with passion, has some physicality to his game, and I’m not talking about the fighting piece, talking about an honesty side to his game that we need. In the time he has played for us he’s done some good things.”
  • Is Haley forgiven after you were upset with him the last game, “he’s in the lineup, all is forgiven.”
  • On the line juggling last night, “looking to maybe spark the team, wake them up, realize that everything is not okay. I think they knew that anyway but I wanted to make sure there was no uncertainty to that. It’s just something that, in the course of a game where you are playing that poorly, you want to send a message and also try new things.”
  • Will the lines stay juggled, “we are going to go back to where we started, the original lines. You don’t want to panic, we’ve been producing somewhat offensively in this time, had some stinkers in the games, but not because of the line combinations. We feel they have done some good things.”
  • Are you expecting more out of Trouba offensively, “no, he’s on pace for 35-40 points. I know he had a 50 point year last year. If you are getting 35-40 points you are having a pretty good year for a guy that defends the way he does and plays with a snarl. 50 is a pretty good number for any defensemen, but if he can go somewhere from 35-40-50 in his time here we will be happy but I’m not judging him by his offense, I think he brings a lot to the table in other areas.”
  • Are you seeing growth in Kakko, “for sure, in the last month he has made some strides. Not just talking from a goal standpoint, obviously he has the ability to be productive offensively but I think he is doing a lot of things well away from the puck, a lot more comfortable, enjoying himself a lot more. He puts a lot of pressure on himself, I don’t think he really gets phased by any type of pressure, I think he embraces it. I think he was putting a lot of pressure on himself early and he’s relaxing, being more productive and doing a lot of the things he has to do away from the puck.”
  • “It’s intentions, in my mind. When you are playing with the right intentions, you are still going to make mistakes and one of the things we did last night, we weren’t playing with the right intentions or right purpose. To me, that is unacceptable. We just have to make sure we are playing with a purpose and the right intentions tonight.”