2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the Rangers beat Minnesota

David Quinn spoke on MSG following the Rangers win over Minnesota and said:

  • On the follow up from Saturday, “this was going to be a hard game, three in three nights. One of the things people can get fooled by is a team’s record and they got big strong pros over there and matchups are key in this league, they are a tough matchup for us with their size up front, D that are mobile. After the first period I felt we did a better job defending and not giving up some Grade A’s, I thought they took it to us early in the third and got the lead and then it flipped a little and we started playing better, playing faster, we were too slow in the neutral zone, didn’t love what we were doing in the offensive zone, too content with being on the perimeter and I thought that it kind of changed leading up to the PP and we get the goal and a great play in OT.”
  • On the feeling trying to come back, “I think there was a level of confidence, guys weren’t rattled. Like I said, I thought we responded well when we were down 2-1. I think they were outshooting us 7/8 to one after 10 minutes and then we flipped it. Even leading into the PP we were getting chances, we hit a post, getting zone time, buzzing and doing the things we need to do against that team to sustain offensive chances. I liked how we adapted after being down 2-1.”
  • On DeAngelo in OT, “It was a great decision by Tony and Bread. He saw that line, once he came over the top and it was a little parting of the red sea and he held onto it and if would have passed it I would have thrown up on the bench, so I’m glad he didn’t and we got rewarded for it.”
  • On DeAngelo, “Tony played well tonight. His offense always speaks for itself but I thought the other aspects of his game were dead on tonight. He’s been consistent, he’s played well.”
  • On Buchnevich’s frustration, “he did, I didn’t notice it. Captain happy? Didn’t notice it.”
  • On changing lines, “After the PP the lines get a little skewed because different guys are on different lines on the PP, so the last 3-4 minutes it was because of the PP and a rotation. I was happy with the way the lines looked in the last 10 minutes.”
  • On Chris Kreider’s impact this season, “I’ll tell you, it’s the second-year of people in the last year of their deals and people are talking about it, that is pro sports but he has handled as well, if not, better than anybody. He keeps playing, great in the locker room, great demeanor, he’s been playing well the last few weeks. For his sake I wanted him to get rewarded statically but he’s certainly doing a lot of the things that we will need him to do to have success. I’ve been moving him around a little bit and he responds to it. He was key in the PP and the goal was huge.”
  • On Skjei and Trouba on the ice for the tying goal, “it’s a funny play. I thought both had good nights, I thought that pairing was good. They were on for that goal but we didn’t do a great job taking care of the puck coming out of our end, which caused the 2-on-2 and Donato made a great play.”
  • Do you think you’d win this game a few weeks ago, “you hope you can improve in these areas and one of the things that can happen when you put so many new people in, like we have over the past two years, you try and form your team identity, cohesion and togetherness and you can just feel it’s growing as a team. If you are going to have success you need togetherness. Just because you wear the same jersey doesn’t mean you are a team. One of the things we have done a better job of the last few weeks is understanding what it will take for us to have success and you just feel it. We are becoming more of a team, not because we didn’t want to be a team but when you put a bunch of people together for the first time you try and figure out what the role is going to be and there is starting to be clarity with that. I think guys feel good not just about themselves but each other.”