2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Carolina

David Quinn spoke on MSG following the win over Carolina and said:

  • On the game, “I really liked our first 30 minutes, thought we were doing a lot of good things, had some chances to make it 4-0 and the too many men on the ice penalty changed the whole momentum of the game. Give them a lot of credit, they really threw everything they had at us and I thought we found a way to survive. I think we got a little demoralized with that penalty, and listen, that is on me. I’m the head coach here, that can’t happen and I guarantee that it won’t happen anymore.”
  • On Mika’s return, “it was a hell of a pass by Fox and Mika makes a great shot. He just gives us so much more depth. Our whole lineup looks different when you have him in it, he gives us swagger and a lot of depth. It’s amazing what one center can do to your whole lineup, it looks a lot longer and deeper.”
  • On Panarin, “we have all acknowledged the skill set, and this guy is so dynamic and the things he is doing away from the puck, blocking shots, being responsible defensively and coming back hard. He’s a winner, he’s a winner and our guys are feeding off it. We are feeding off a lot of the things that he does.”
  • On Adam Fox defensively, “this is a guy that is taking bigger players on, closing on them quickly, great hockey strength, his anticipation is really good, has a good stick. He’s made the transition to the NHL look a little easier than it should be.”
  • On the too many men issues, “we’ll keep that in house and I’ll solve that, believe me.”
  • Who is it on, “it’s on me, It’s completely on me. I’m the head coach, I take responsibility for it. These guys are making bad decisions and I have to make sure they don’t. We went through this, two stretches last year with the same thing happening. We go 15-games this year with nothing and all the sudden we have 3 in the last 4 games. It’s incredible how streaky it is. Last year in Boston we had a similar situation, two in a game and it never happened again. I shouldn’t say it won’t happen again…there is one thing when a guy jumps too early, that hasn’t happened, it’s guying being more attentive on the bench. We will take care of that.”
  • On the stick save Henrik made at 3-2, “they kept coming, it’s the ebb and flow of game. There is a lot more urgency for a team down 3-2 and they are coming and our mindset has changed and maybe playing too conservative…I thought we got deflated after the first one and a level of frustration on the bench because of how the penalty happened.”
  • On Lundqvist making 40 saves like the last one in Carolina, “this was a completely different game because from the start to the end of the game down there, they completely dominated us. In this game, we were playing really good hockey for 30 minutes and then the penalty. I think they only had 15-16 shots halfway through and they didn’t have a ton of scoring chances but the whole game changed with that. Listen, he’s in a good spot right now and getting into a rhythm and playing great hockey.”