2020-21 Rangers

Georgiev and the same lineup against the Devils on Tuesday

1/19/21 | Quinn spoke on Tuesday before the game against the Devils and said (NYR):

On putting Kakko back with Chytil, “I think there is a chemistry, I also think there is not, maybe, the pressure he might feel in getting Bread the puck all the time, I think that can happen to a guy who goes into that position, you feel so obligated to keep feeding Panarin. Maybe there is some relief to a degree that he’s playing with someone around his own age, they have a good relationship away from the rink and maybe he plays a little freer and not with all that pressure, self-induced pressure that he probably puts on himself when he plays with Strome and Panarin.”


1/18/21 | 3:05PM: David Quinn spoke with the media following practice today and said (NYR):

  • Is DeAngelo with the extras for discipline or because of how well the team played, “much more sticking with what worked. The discipline piece is done and over with. You win 5-0 and play the way we did, we want to build off of that.”
  • On Jacob Trouba, “I expect him to play the way he did, approach the game the way he did. One of the things about him, he always competes. I loved his intentions the other night. One of the things we really benefit from with him is the way handled the situation  and stepped into more of a leadership role after Thursday. We talked about that as an organization and as a group, we need that from a lot of guys, especially guys like him in that age bracket that have been in the league a while but are still young. Off and on the ice he did everything we needed him to do and was instrumental in us making such a dramatic switch in our play from Thursday to Saturday.”
  • On flipping Buchnevich and Strome on the PP, “that is certainly on the table. Buchie continues to move forward and play at a level we all know he is capable of. That being said, I liked both PPs even though we went 1 for 8, I thought we had great chances, just didn’t get a goal, obviously we got one at the end there. You don’t want to overreact and last year we had the 7th best PP in the league, but certainly, the way guys play, switching guys out, we are fortunate to have a bunch of PP guys, you could do that, it’s certainly on the table.”
  • Is there urgency to find consistency early on, “Every team is trying to find that early because of the situation we are in,  we are not different, we need consistent effort, consistent intentions and when you do that you put yourself in much better situations to win hockey games. You can’t have the dramatic highs and lows that we had between Thursday and Saturday, obviously we don’t just think Saturday is a high, we think there is another level we can continue to get to, it’s early. We made plenty of mistakes, but one of the things we did was that we competed, skated and on top of the play and when you are on the puck the way we were offensively and defensively, what is going on away from the puck becomes less relevant because it’s difficult for the guy with the puck to do anything because of the way you are defending him, forechecking or staying on top of him. Those are the things we harped on today, we addressed some structural things we have to get better at, but the good news is that we weren’t hurt by the structural mistakes we made because we were harder on the puck and the other thing is, I thought we managed the puck well, we didn’t give it to them in a situation where they were going to take advantage of it. When they did get it we were in a pretty good position to be in pretty good d-zone structure or transition defense because when we turned it over and they possessed it, it was off a scrum, below the goal line or in situations where we could get back above it. The only odd-man rush they had, they had a 2 on 1 in the first period and Panarin just lost an edge in the neutral zone. We did a much better job in that department, managing the puck, which allowed us to get in good defensive structure, whether it be end zone or transition.”
  • On Chytil and the PP, “a big part of that is faceoffs, we’ve talked to Fil about it, it’s hard, when you’ve got your center out there and losing all those draws, he’s getting better at it. Fil Chytil will be back on the PP, as will Kaapo, this is a short-term thing. Fil has been doing a great job working on his faceoffs, you might see Fil in there tomorrow night. I liked his game much better than the night before, I fully expect him to be back on the PP.”

12:41PM: Alex Georgiev will start tomorrow against the Devils. (NYR)

Georgiev stopped all 23 shots he faced on Sunday against the Islanders.

The rest of the Rangers lineup will be the same as it was on Saturday, which will include Tony DeAngelo as a healthy scratch. (Stephenson)