2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Pitt

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the loss to Pittsburgh and said:

  • On not being able to hold a third period lead, “I thought tonight was a little bit of a different animal compared to some of the other third periods, probably as bad a period as we’ve played well year, I thought worse than any period we played in the opener against the Islanders. They beat us to every loose puck, won every battle, we keep shooting ourselves in the foot. I thought we got off to a good start tonight, I really liked our energy, our pace, I thought for the first 15-16 minutes good things were happening, we were playing practical hockey and then as the game went on, the game itself was sloppy, in particular in the second period, both ways. They were smarter and looked like a hungrier team than we were in the third, they won a lot of footraces to loose pucks, battles, we were very soft around our net. We haven’t said that an awful lot this season, but it certainly was the case in the third period. Give them a ton of credit, they upped the ante in the third and we weren’t able to match it.”

  • On OT, “We got stuck out there for a long time and weren’t able to get off. When you are out there that long and people are able to change and you got three players that are tired, it’s tough to make good decisions and unfortunately we just weren’t able to survive that shift.”
  • On Georgiev and DeAngelo’s mishap in OT, “You can’t really hear from the bench what was said, but obviously there was a little bit of a mishap. At the end of the day we probably got what we deserved.”
  • On what happened to Blackwell, “I didn’t see it, I did see a replay, it was actually the shift before that he got hurt. Still evaluating, not sure right now what his status is.”
  • Do you agree that a lot of issues come from not getting pucks in deep, “100%. I’ve touched on this before, people talk about us defensively…when you turn pucks over like we did tonight or we have in the past, you are never going to be on the right side of it in order to play good defense and that certainly was the case as the game went on. We were always chasing the play because of our turnovers, inability to play a patient game, it just caused a lot of problems tonight and it’s been the number one problem, at least since I’ve been here, our lack of patience offensively and us forcing things offensively cause us a lot of problems.”
  • On Brendan Smith, “Just a decision we made.”
  • On Georgiev, “I’m sure Georgie would like to have maybe 1-2 of those back, but we hung him out to dry an awful lot. We spent too much time in our end in the third period and too many of the chances they had were too high end. We’ve been avoiding those, it’s something that hasn’t happened in the first seven games, for the most part, we certainly didn’t look like that in the first seven games, but in the third period, some of those old habits kind of crept in in the third period.”