2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Boston

2/14 | Speaking after practice on Saturday, Quinn was asked about Kakko and said, “he’s harder on pucks, better defensively, more straightness to his game, feels better about himself, more smiling, more engaged on and off the ice and it carries over to his game. The one thing everybody has to keep in perspective with him and Laffy, these guys didn’t join teams that finished dead last in the league. We earned the number one pick and got very lucky in both situations and we get the number one pick last year and Laffy joins a team with some pretty good forwards. He’s not stepping into a situation where we went 10 and 72 last year. So this is unique for both of these guys. Everybody expects the number one and number two picks to play 20-minutes a night, top PP. In our situation, we have two players here that are going to be great players in this league, that have joined a roster where there are some really good forwards here. I think that kind of skews everything with these guys. They understand it and see the guys playing ahead of them. That being said, both of these guys continue to get better and they have a great work ethic, coachable and it’s just a matter of time for both of them from an offensive perspective.” (NYR)

2/13 | David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the loss to Boston and said:

  • On the game, “I really liked our third period and I thought the second period we got off to a good start and what happened, in my opinion, our PP deflated us a little bit. I thought we really struggled on it, obviously you aren’t going to score every PP, but you are looking for some momentum and ours kinda sucked the life out of us a little bit and they get two PPs and get some momentum off of that. The fight was a great fight and then it started to become a man’s game and they have more men than we do, it’s just a fact, but I liked how we stood up, didn’t back down, kept playing and they get a goal that we are not able to get. They are a team competing for the Stanley Cup, built to win right now. You have a ton of respect for the way they play, they play the right way and we can learn an awful lot of lessons from them, but I was proud of the way we stood toe to toe with them.”


  • On the PP, “we are passing when we should shoot, shoot when we should pass. We make bad decisions and we are slow. We are not going to go anywhere with the PP clicking the way it is, looking the way it is and our guys know that. The good news is that we have all the guys back from last year, for the most part, that were one of the top PPs in the league. We just have to be better, I think they are demoralized, lost a little bit of their swagger on the PP. PPs can be streaky and ours is in an all-time low streak, we gotta straighten it out and iron it out and keep working at it.”
  • On the offense in general, “The fact that our PP is struggling the way it is, I think it can carryover to a certain degree 5 on 5, we are certainly not generating the offense we need to and it’s something we gotta keep working on. We gotta do a better job of getting more people involved, playing a little quicker offensively to complement some of the things we’ve done defensively.”
  • On the young players going against a team like Boston, “it goes a long way, we were just talking about it in my office. These games are going to be so valuable for our young players moving forward. You can learn an awful lot from a team like that, you gotta pay attention to teams that have had sustained success for as long as they had. We are trying to get a level of the Bergeron, Marchand, Pastranak and guys like that, Krejci, guys that I’m very familiar with being at BU as long as I was, watching them as long as I have and as long as the league has, these guys have been competing for Stanley Cup’s for close to a decade. It’s a great experience for our players, but at the end of the day we aren’t here for great experiences, we are here to win hockey games and these are two games we felt we could have won.”
  • Was Buchnevich moved down because of physical reasons or a playing thing, “playing thing.”
  • On having more practice time since Sunday is canceled, “we will have a chance to practice two more times before we play the Devils on Tuesday. We will just keep working at things. The thing I like about our group, and we like as a staff, is that when we work on something they do a better job at it. We will get back to work tomorrow, take Sunday off and get back to work on Monday.”
  • Do you see chemistry with Kakko and Lafreniere, “I liked that line, I thought Strome had a pretty good night, too. That line was pretty good. Laffy had a couple of big chances in the first period, it’s be nice to see him get rewarded for the chances that he had. I really like Kaapo’s game, Kaapo is coming and doing a lot of good things. I like both of their games tonight.”
  • On Shesterkin’s game, “he played great tonight. I thought Shesty, obviously they were clicking in the second period. I thought he stood tall. When I was walking he was watching the goal that went in, I think he was pretty frustrated with that. He played very well in the second, all game, but in particular the second.”