2020-21 Rangers

Panarin and K’Andre Miller OUT against the Devils

12:42PM: David Quinn spoke this morning and said (NYR):

  • On Buchnevich, “Like some of our guys, for him personally, I thought he was our best forwardfor about 7-8 games and then there has been a dip in his game, the consistency, what he was doing earlier, where there a consistent effort, an edge to his game has fallen a little bit. I think he’s frustrated from an offensive perspective, what can creep into peoples other areas of their game, we need him to get back to where he was. Tonight we will see how it goes and we made reward people for playing better.”
  • Is Chytil’s skating, “Chytil is not skating yet, no.”

  • On Panarin and K’Andre, “Panarin was really close today, but he’s not gonna go tonight. K’Andre is getting better, similar situation, there was discussion that those guys might be able to go, but unfortunately they won’t be able to.”
  • Will you consider keeping Kakko and Lafreniere with Strome or are Strome and Panarin too established, “I don’t think it’s too established, I think we are open for anything now, considering our offensive production. One of the things I think they can do a little bit better job, off of their chances, either a) we feel sorry for ourselves that it didn’t go in, we certainly don’t quit on the play but there is not that urgency to finish the play, so one of the things, not just with that line, but our whole team, we have to continue to have an urgency after a scoring chance to finish it because I think there is more opportunity there from that original chance. At this level that is where you create a lot of offense, it’s not the original chance, but what comes after it, I think that is something as a group we need to do a better job of.”
  • How do you measure development if guys maybe aren’t getting enough ice time because there are established players in front of them, “it’s a balancing act, for sure, it’s just the situation we are in and I’m glad we are in, I certainly wouldn’t want to be a team that went 10-72 and got the #1 and #2 pick. We’ve been a team, at least last year, fighting for a playoff spot when the whole thing went down and they we get the #1 pick. I think there is a lot of good for them to be in the situation they are in, they are around good players, can learn from those guys. I know it’s all about ice time, I’m sure their family members and parents wish they were playing 20-minutes a night and I certainly understand that, and their agents for sure, but it’s the situation we are in. These guys know what we think of them as players and we are spending all the time that we need to continue to make their development, it’s not about being the best 18-19 year old, it’s about being the best player in your 4-5-6th in this league where you can be an impact player night in and out, and hopefully sooner. You see the progress Kaapo has made, everybody sees it, he’s understanding the full scope of the game, because these guys have always been focused on and measured by points and this is the hardest league in the world to generate offense in so there are other things you have to do to be an impactful player and impact winning and losing and they are learning it a little sooner than people that are in different situations. I give them both credit, they both handle it very well and understand the scope of what we are doing.”
  • What is Strome’s responsibility with Kakko and Lafreniere, “I think he’s taken a little more charge of the situation and I thought he did a good job the other night. I thought he played well, there was constant communication with these guys on the bench. Strome is a guy with a great personality and is talkative and always involved, so I think that is good for these two young players. And when you are playing with Bread, every player we put on that line is feeling the inclination, when they get a puck on their stick, where is Panarin, I want to give it to him, which is never a bad thought, but sometimes that can get in the way of making the right play and I think that maybe Stromer, right now, doesn’t feel that, I don’t want to call it pressure, but the instincts to always defer to bread and right now I think he has two guys that he feels comfortable playing with and taking responsibility of helping along the way.”
  • On Buchnevich on the PK, “It’s not just him, him and Mika have been a good pair and our PK has been good in general. Sometimes he’s been the most used, maybe the shift lengths have been longer, they are always out there against the top unit. It’s not like we use him more than other people, but they do start most of it, but we are comfortable with all the guys killing right now, our PK has been very good top to bottom, not just the top guys, all the guys doing are a great job and sometimes, if it’s 2-3 seconds more than other players during the course of a game, can sometimes be a reflection on the shift length and maybe you are hemmed in there a little bit against the top unit and that can certainly be something, but he’s done a really good job on the PK.”
  • On Igor Shesterkin lately, “there is just a swagger to him, a calmness to him, the guy that we all watched last year is back to that form and he’s doing a really good job and playing well.”

11:45AM: The Rangers have announced that Artemi Panarin will miss his second straight game with a lower body injury and that K’Andre Miller will also miss tonight’s game with an upper body injury. (NYR)


Igor Shesterkin will start in net.