2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Philly

David Quinn met with the media following the loss to Philly and said (NHL Media):

  • On the game, “obviously there were some good things, but, to me, we shot ourselves in the foot with the penalties and two of them go over the glass, two too many men on the ice, obviously one late in the game, you just can’t…during the course of the play you get six minutes of penalties, two going over the glass, delay of game, and then a too many men on the ice penalty, you just can’t take penalties like that. I don’t know what happens when we come to this building, I can’t explain it. I think we’ve had one too many men on the ice penalty all year, we take two tonight, two delay of game penalties, I don’t know if we’ve had one all year. I liked how we battled back, did a really good job staying in it and giving ourselves a chance, but it wasn’t enough.”

  • On the stark difference between this game and last week’s game, “I was disappointed in the fact that I thought our D, in general, tried to do too much, I just thought we were out of position, guys that should just be keeping it simple, playing simple hockey, I thought we got too out of control at times, right off the bat, the very first shift, puck watching man to man coverage we are not in, it was really disappointing. I thought we corraled it a little bit, it was just way too sloppy for our liking and if we were going to have a chance to win tonight… it was way too loose, way too loose.”
  • On Kreider, Smith, Lindgren and Fox, “Obviously Kreids had a big night, I thought Mika really found his game offensively, he was really involved offensively. I liked some of the things our D did, but we were way too sloppy, I thought we were risky, tried to force plays as a whole and it wasn’t tight enough defensively. Obviously, we did some good things offensively, but we have to find that balance from an offensive and defensive perspective.”
  • On the reason for the penalties, “When you take that many penalties, I think eight of them and four of them had nothing to do with the course of the play, just inexcusable for that. It was just sloppy play in general to the penalties to the way we were playing in our own end and not the way we’ve been playing.”