Artemi Panarin Rangers

Artemi Panarin has returned to the Rangers

6:07PM: David Quinn spoke after practice and said (NYR):

  1. On Panarin, “Like we’ve said all along, he’s been day to day. We are glad to have him back. When he’s going to play again, we don’t know.  He’s just started skating, I wanna focus on moving forward, we are excited having him back, the guys are rejuvenated having him around and happy to see him on the ice.”

  1. Is there a chance he plays tomorrow, “no.”
  2. Where do you plan to put Panarin when he does return, “It’s a good question and we have asked ourselves that question in the last few days. We haven’t decided, we will see how this keeps going, but there are a lot of options on the table for what we can do.”
  3. What is Igor’s status, “he is day to day.”
  4. What exactly is Panarin’s status, “he’s here today, practiced today, will skate again tomorrow. As far as I’m concerned, he’s here and getting ready to play. To me he is all in and ready to go, he’s just been off the ice for a while, so we gotta get him game ready.”
  5. On the young team trailing in the third, “last night was a perfect example, that game ended and we thought we certainly had chances to tie it. I loved how we played the last two periods, when the game ended I thought that probably the last 30 were good, but watching the game, after they score to make it 2-1, I thought we started establishing ourselves in the game. We were playing all in, moving our feet, skating with and without the puck, playing through people and the whole complexion of the game changed. We’ve gotta bottle that from the get-go.”
  6. How is Panarin doing, “he’s doing good, in a good place when he got here and excited to be back with us. We are all happy he is here and nobody is happier than he is that he is back.”
  7. What do you need to see before putting him back in, “Just more skating, he hasn’t been skating a lot. We want to make sure we put him in a position to succeed.”
  8. Does the PP need Panarin or are there other things it needs to do, “I think it’s our guys doing things at a quicker pace, we are too methodical, puck retrievals, winning wall battles and I’ve said this a lot, the game doesn’t change because you are on the PP, you still have to do the same thing that the 5 on 5 play demands to be successful. Sometimes we abandon them and that is why we struggle when we struggle on the PP, our pace isn’t what it needs to be, our puck retrievals aren’t what they need to be, wall battles aren’t what they need to be, so all of those things add up on a PP and when you are doing those things well you have a chance to have success.”
  9. Did Panarin address the team, “He’s got a great relationship with all those guys, he’s been in contact with the players all throughout this, so there is nobody wondering what is going on. These guys are fully in his corner, they understand the situation. The fact that he has such a relationship with all these guys has made all of this a lot easier.”
  10. Do you anticipate any call ups or Mason Geertsen, “he’s a guy we’ve liked for a long time, so he has earned that opportunity to get an NHL contract. We haven’t had any discussions about calling anybody up. Jeff and I will talk this afternoon, we talk every day about these types of things. Calling someone up is always on the table, but as of right now that isn’t something we’ve talked about yet.”
  11. Who is the goalie tomorrow, “Georgie.”
  12. What factors come in to scratching a player, “play for sure, how people are playing, line combinations, the opponent, all those things factor into it.”

5:30PM: Alex Georgiev will start on Thursday against Boston. (NYR)


1:52PM: Panarin will not play tomorrow against Boston. (Walker)

1PM: Artemi Panarin appears to have joined the Rangers for practice today in Boston. (NYR)

Panarin took a leave of absence from the team on 2/22 and has missed the last eight games.