2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Boston

David Quinn met with the media following the loss to Boston and said (MSG, NHL Media):

  • What was your take on the game, “frustrating, I thought we got off to a good start, playing well, had some chances early, give up the goal, long shot to make it 1-0, thought we were playing pretty well after that, but the shorthanded goal was the back breaker in a lot of ways, you could just sense it. They got goals on their chances and we didn’t, I thought we had more chances early in the game where we could have gone up 1-0 and we didn’t do it, they make it 1-0, I thought we kept playing, draw a penalty and like I said, that shorthanded goal was way too easy. Our PP obviously has to be fixed, they get a PP goal. Special teams were the difference tonight, early on anyway, but we kept competing right to the buzzer. It’s not easy when you are down 4-0, it could have got ugly, and we kept playing, certainly, some positives to take out of it, and we gotta dust ourselves off and get ready to play on Saturday afternoon.”

  • On how the team responds to adversity, “Obviously you want to stop the bleeding, we weren’t able to do it. They were very opportunistic and the problem right now is, the mistakes we are making are too big. When we make mistakes they are too big and we’ve gotta cut down on the level of mistakes we are making. You are going to make mistakes in this game, unfortunately right now the ones we are making are too big and we gotta clean it up in a hurry.”
  • On the goaltending, “I think goaltending, defense and forwards all share responsibility when a goal is scored, so I don’t want to point the finger at Georgie, but their chances did go in and ours didn’t. I thought their was a lull in the second where we didn’t get a lot of chances once they made it 4-0. I don’t want to point the finger at one person, this wasn’t on one person.”
  • On moving Lafreniere and the lines, “I thought the Strome line was having a hard time with Bergeron’s line, so I put Kreider with Zibanejad and Buchnevich to try and keep that line contained, I thought they did a good job when we played in New York, obviously, it’s harder to get your match up, but I thought they would give us a chance to hopefully stop the bleeding with that line, they were having their way every time they were out there. Chytil has been having issues with faceoffs, the line combinations that I felt were the best to give us a chance and obviously, we changed that and put the kid line together.”
  • Any chance Panarin plays Saturday, “I don’t know, we will know tomorrow, have a better feel when we practice.”
  • Are you seeing the level of desperation they need to have, “I don’t like to use desperation, I think urgency. Being desperate, I just like to use the word urgent and I think we have to more urgency and understand how quickly this season is going to come upon us. We had the little stretch where we won three in a row and now we’ve lost three in a row, so we gotta make sure that we stop the bleeding. No one is quitting, we will keep going back to work tomorrow and get ready to go on Saturday. Can’t feel sorry for ourselves, can’t let one loss turn into another one. We are here and lose tonight and we can’t let it affect our mentality and how we are going to approach Saturday.”
  • On pulling Georgiev, “I’ll talk with Benny about that, we’ve had a couple conversations regarding that and I’ll keep it private between Benny and I, but listen, Georgie has played a lot of good hockey for us and he will play a lot of good hockey for us moving forward.”