2020-21 Rangers

What Kris Knoblauch said after the win over Philly

Wolf Pack coach Kris Knoblauch met with the media following the Rangers 9-0 win over Philly and said (NHL Media):

  • On everything happening today, “it’s been busy. I had practice with my team, we are on the ice at 10:30AM, I got pulled off about 11:30AM, I got the message saying ‘call Dru ASAP’ and usually when I hear that it’s not good, it’s usually taking players away from our team, but I got the call to be on stand by, you might be coaching tonight, we will let you know. That was 11:30AM and I think it was confirmed around 1PM that I was gonna coach tonight.”

  1. On the effort and energy tonight, “I think the effort was great. Previously, the game before, I watched the game and I thought the effort was pretty good and they were disappointed that it was a game that slipped away. Tonight they were fortunate to capitalize on some early chances, but overall it was a really solid effort, some good chances on the PP, 5 on 5 was good and the PK, I’m not sure how many we had to kill tonight, but overall I don’t think there were any passengers, everyone played outstanding.”
  2. On his first conversation with the team today, “it is bizarre, but everything was all planned out. Quinny had pre-game all set out, a game plan, the video all set up. Before the game started, Murph and myself went through the video and pre-game scout with Quinny, went over talking points, key things, match ups. Really, I was just following the game plan he set forward. We didn’t really have much time to prepare much or do anything, rather than implement what they had planned.”
  3. Were you able to do anything to prepare and what was it like on the bench, “It happens very quickly, from getting the call at 11:30 that it might be, I rush home and pack and initially it was going to be one game, but it might be going on the road trip, so pack extra. Really, you didn’t have much time to think about it. Like I said, preparing very minimal, everything was laid out for us by the coaching staff and then when the game started, there are some nerves and excitement, but you get into game mode or coach mode when you call out that first line or change. It’s certainly a night that I’ll never forget.”
  4. On the system being the same in Hartford, “It think it’s very important. The players that get called up, when they are playing with the Rangers there is a lot of pressure and if you throw in new systems, new terminology it just confuses them and makes it harder. We want that transition, we want as many players having success with the Wolf Pack and then when they get called up, to contribute as much as they can and to do that we have to think about the players and what they need. It happened two years ago when I first got the job, meeting with Quinny and he laid out the systems and what we are supposed to be doing. For the most part it’s been going well.”
  5. On his history coaching with Philly, “I think with coaches, you ultimately want to get your team prepared and play to their highest level. There wasn’t anything I knew about the Flyers that I used against them tonight. I know probably half the players if not more, a lot of good players, but I can’t say that was an advantage for us.”
  6. On Mika’s game, “I think his stat line says enough, six points in 12-and-a-half minutes after two periods. He looked like a guy with a lot of confidence and what I recognize from last year, but I think a lot of it was their line having fun right from the start. When you are having fun and enjoying the game, it’s an easy one to play.”
  7. Did you hear from Quinn after the game, “Yes, I talked to Quinny throughout the day, probably had six phone calls going over the pre-scout. The game plan was set out for us, well prepared and I know a big part of the success tonight, I think three of our first four goals came off 0-zone faceoffs and I remember that was one of the things he told me before the game, giving our top lines more opportunities to score, having those offensive zone faceoffs. We gave them that opportunity and they capitalized on three of the first four goals.”