2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Pittsburgh

David Quinn met with the media following the Rangers win over Pittsburgh and said (MSG, NHL Media):

  • On the game, “It was a funny game, I’ll tell you that because I just thought we were very opportunistic, our PP was very good, it was just a funny game and we found a way to win tonight, but I think that if you talk to our guys we realize we are going to have to play better than that to win consistently. That being said, it’s hard to win in this league and I was certainly happy with the two points and our goalie made some big saves and we were just very opportunistic.”

  • On Adam Fox, “we’ve all talked about how special a player he is turning into and continues to do things with the puck that a lot of guys in this league can’t do, but the thing I always said that makes different, I think it, is that when you got a guy who can do things with the puck, the way he defends and how smart he is defensively and how he uses his body and how hard he competes, that is what makes him an elite player. He makes everybody out there better, we all know that and it’s amazing how fast it’s happened fo r him in his career.”
  • Does Shesterkin look like last year, “he’s definitely going through that stretch right now, seems to be in a great groove. Felt bad that we kind of gave two goals in the third, we need to learn to play better in those situations, but he certainly gave us a chance early on to get a lead and build off it.”
  • On the “kid” line, “that goal they scored in the second was big, they did a really good job of getting above the puck, they made smart decisions and were patient offensively which we didn’t have a lot of tonight and it was good to see them get rewarded for going about it that way. Those guys are starting to play well and it was good to see them get rewarded.”
  • On Lafreniere’s goal coming at the end of a long shift, “it’s amazing the energy a player can find when they are in the offensive zone. You’d like to change, in particular in the second period when you do hem them in a little bit, you have to do it at the right time and I thought that those guys were doing a good job of staying in the battle and keeping the play alive. It’s amazing the energy an offensive player can find when there is an offensive opportunity.”