2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over the Isles

David Quinn spoke after the win over the Islanders and said (MSG, NHL Media):

  • On the difference from last night to tonight, “everything, we just looked like a different team tonight, we played with a lot more energy, pace to our game. I thought it was a true team effort from our goalie to our D to our forwards, everybody did what they needed to do and obviously a huge win for us.”

  • Is there any satisfaction by beating the first place team, “At this point, all the teams in our division our good, this team has had a hell of a year. Obviously they are making the big push, they made the big deal three days ago and they got a really good team and we’ve had great games with them all year, other than the opener, last year we had great games with them and, listen, it’s Islanders/Rangers and a lot doesn’t matter when the Isles and Rangers play, it’s a rivalry game and we needed this one and just really proud of our guys.”
  • What are you seeing from the Kid line, “I thought they played a really smart game, they were really involved, really good in the offensive zone, got above the puck when they needed to, a lot to like about their game and they are starting to gel a little bit more, how to play in all three zones together and that is important.”
  • What are you seeing from Lafreniere lately, “I think he’s getting a better understanding of how to generate offense at this level. A lot of times when you get a kid that is 18-years old at the NHL, unfortunately for them a lot of the things they have done that has allowed them to have success, they are not going to be able to do at this level. So they have to, I don’t want to say totally relearn how to create offense, but there is a whole new approach that they have to learn to create offense at this level. The skill is there, obviously, for him and he is learning what he needs to do consistently to generate offense and I think he has made a lot of progress in the last two weeks, I’ve really liked the direction of his game.”
  • On Georgiev’s game and do you care to say who will start on Sunday, “I do not care to tell you that (smile), I liked a lot about his game tonight. I thought Georgie was sharp, like he usually is against the Islanders. It’s not easy to sit as long as he has and come out and play the way he did, really liked his game.”
  • Can the success of tonight be a good teaching tool, “This is certainly something we can refer to when we need to have success. We’ve had games like that this year, like I’ve said, our team has had their backs against the wall a few times this year where our season may be on the brink and we’ve responded like we did tonight. It’s a resilient group, we are still looking for that level of consistency we are going to need, but we are certainly going to enjoy tonight.”
  • Is the inconsistency due to the youth, “Maybe that could be it, but to me it’s not just the young players when we are inconsistent, it’s everybody. I think it’s more of a group thing than a young guy thing.”
  • On Kravtsov, “He had a lot of energy and that line was good again tonight. Howden had a good night, Rooney had a good night and Kravy, as the game went on, he made some great plays in the third period, I thought he was gonna get his first goal, but, boy, I certainly like his work ethic and skill. He’s made an impact.”