2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over New Jersey

David Quinn met with the media following the Rangers win over NJ and said (MSG, NHL Media):

  • Did you see a more consistent game, “I thought we were more consistent, certainly we were fortunate with our opportunities early. I think we might have had 3-4 scoring chances early and capitalized on all three of them, which really can change the complexion of a game. I thought the second period we got away with some stuff and our goalie had to make some big saves. I didn’t love the way things were going, really, we know we have to be better, we were very fortunate with our opportunities, very opportunistic early and we certainly know we are going to be in store for a very difficult game come Saturday.”

  • Why did you switch things up in the third, “I thought some guys were playing well, some guys needed to be moved around a little bit and that is why you saw what you did in the third period.”
  • On what Jacob Trouba means, “He brings to the table an awful lot of things we don’t have throughout our lineup. He’s kind of a throwback in a lot of ways, his approach to playing the game. The thing that is underrated about him is his puck skill, he can really make a great outlet pass, plays hard, creates a mentality in our locker room and he means an awful lot to us on and off the ice. People have touched on the leadership aspect that he has kind of embraced this year, but I certainly like what is going on on the ice as well.”
  • On Ryan Lindgren, “Lindy and I had a conversation today about where he is at in his career and happy for him he got that first goal, he’s been playing really well, doing a lot of things offensively on top of what he brings night in and out defensively. When you’ve got that balance to your game it certainly helps.”
  • How important is the defense scoring goals, “In this day and age you need all five guys to be involved offensively and we certainly ask our D to be involved offensively. Sometimes it can get a little squirrely when we do, but if you are gonna have success in the NHL in this day and age you need all five guys involved because teams defend so much better and there is so much video and prescouting and things and things of that nature so you need to have five guys involved. Early on in the year I didn’t think we were doing that, we weren’t getting all five guys involved when they needed to be, but we are now and getting rewarded offensively.”