2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over NJ

David Quinn met with the media following the Rangers win over NJ and said (MSG, NHL Media):

  • On the game, “It’s been a funny series because we have gotten leads and obviously let them creep back in. It’s a tough match up, they are fast. There aren’t many teams that we feel match our speed or can skate with us, but they are certainly one of them and they are gonna give people fits moving forward. I know I’ve said this throughout the whole thing, and it wasn’t just coach talk, Buffalo just beat Pittsburgh today. These are not going to be easy games and when you have players in the lineup like NJ has, trying to carve out a career, playing with the effort they do and the way they compete, it’s going to make life hard for people. 3-0, I thought we had a good second period, that goal at the end of the second kind of gave them momentum and next thing you know it’s 3-3. We found a way to get it done. You play a team four times in a row and come out with four wins, I don’t care what it looks like, I don’t care how many leads you blew, it doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t if you find ways to win. That being said, we certainly understand that if we are going to have success we’ve got to play better. We know that, that isn’t lost on us, not lost on the coaches or the players, but that team is going to give people fits and Lindy has them going.”

  • On not getting much from the Chytil line during this series, “I think that when you get ahead in a game sometimes young players change their mindset and I just think that against a team like that, they test your competitiveness, your speed, they test you to play fast and I thought they were a little inconsistent in all those areas because all the sudden you are out there and you take your foot off the pedal against that team you are going to get exposed and get time in your own end and I thought that is what happened to them.”
  • On going with Georgiev and putting him back in, “We obviously went with him because back-to-back games, Shesty’s track record, Georgie, I think is 19-4 with four days rest over the last two years. He’s a good goalie, it isn’t like we feel we have to keep playing Shesty over and over again, although Shesty has certainly elevated his game, but Georgie earns an opportunity to play and you are going to need two goalies down the stretch here, there is a lot of hockey played in a short period of time and we’ve got a lot of faith in Georgie, I trust Georgie. As far as his injury, it’s something that has happened in the past, towards the end of the period it happened. By the time we got to the locker room he said he was fine and ready to get back in, there wasn’t a lot of discussion with the training staff, they were fine with it too.”
  • On scratching Hajek and putting Bitetto back in, “I just think that Libor’s game has dropped just a little bit and Libor puts a lot of pressure on himself and sometimes the best thing to do is maybe take a step back. I kind of like what I’ve seen out of Bitteto, even though we don’t practice a lot, we think he gives us a little calming influence back there, makes good decisions with the puck, so that was the thought process there.”
  • On seeing someone different step up, “Well, if you are going to make the push we need to push, you need everybody contributing. It can’t be just a line or a couple of players, it needs to be everybody and usually what happens is players take turns in making a difference night in and night out, it can’t just be a line or a guy, that is kind of what we have going right now.”
  • On the top players carrying the team, “You aren’t going anywhere without your top players pulling their weight. Ideally we’d like to have them pull their weight and our young guys playing like they did in the Islanders series. We are hoping we can get all of that happening during this last 12 or 11 left and if that happens we are going to give ourselves a chance. Rarely have we had it all kind of clicking, hopefully that’ll happen starting Tuesday.”