2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Philly

David Quinn spoke after the Rangers win over Philly and said (MSG, NYR):

  • What was better tonight, “I thought were were a little bit more opportunistic and I didn’t think there was a big dip in our game, a little bit in the second period and obviously the 5 on 3 kill was huge and getting that third goal put is in a different mindset.”

  • More on the game, “the one thing I didn’t love tonight was our puck management, understanding situational hockey, I thought that after we got up 3-1 we really took some unnecessary chances offensively, the old east/west flu that we have from time to time really can be a detriment and we just have to do a better job of managing those situations and know when to create offense and live another day.”
  • Are you tempted to keep Lafreniere and Kravtsov in their spots, “very tempting, these guys have done a good job. As we’ve touched on, really like the direction Laffy’s game is going, I think he is doing a really good job in a lot of ways, his wall play is a lot better, just love a lot of the things he’s doing on top of it being nice to see him get rewarded statistically. Kravy has been really good since he got here. He’s played a lot of pro hockey in the last two-years so he’s a little bit stronger, his wall play is really good, he’s really smart and he’s responsible defensively and there is a lot to like about his game right now and it’s good to see these guys take advantage of the opportunity in front of them.”
  • On Lafreniere, “One of the things that I think happened is that he understands how to create offense at this level maybe a little bit more than he did a month ago. I think his effort has been elevated to an NHL level and I think that is the biggest thing young players have to learn, when they get to this level there is a whole new definition of hard work and I think that is something he embraced and realizes it and it’s allowed him to have a lot more success over the last few weeks.”
  • On the defensive pairs, “It was easier to manage the D tonight because we didn’t take as many penalties. Listen, obviously Foxy and Lindy have had a hell of a year and been our best pair. In key situations you will see them together  under these circumstances and with Trouba being day to day you might see this approach from our D-corp.”
  • On the swings of emotion while trying to stay in the race, “Obviously you do a lot of scoreboard watching, anyone that doesn’t is just lying to you. We can’t control what is going on away from us, we know the task in front of us. We just have to continue to approach each night in the right way and when we do that we have a chance to win. We did it enough tonight, I think we need to do it more moving forward, but we did it enough tonight to win.”