2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Buffalo

David Quinn spoke after the Rangers win over Buffalo and said (MSG, NHL Media):

  • Did Boston losing provide extra motivation, “Yea, you could feel before the game that we understood we had another opportunity to maybe climb back into this thing. The Islander loss kind of turned into two losses with the second one being the first Philly game and guys getting deflated, but we win the second Philly game and Boston loses and there is hope. We can’t control what is going on around the league, obviously we follow and pay attention, for sure. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t, but we just have to keep taking each game as it is and keep playing meaningful hockey until someone tells us these games aren’t meaningful.”

  • On the response after Buffalo scored in the first, “It was a great response, disappointing to give up that goal, but to come back and get two and get out of that period up by two is a great feeling and then you get the fourth one. If we are anything we are entertaining and we’ve gotta learn to do a better job of managing a hockey game and understanding the score and it’s almost like the bigger lead we have the more risk we take, so we have to do a little bit better job learning how to manage leads, especially at this time of year. That is something we touched on at the end of the game and it was something we are really going to have to clean up moving forward in the last seven games.”
  • On Mika’s season, “People go through stretches in their career where things may not be going their way and all great players go through it. This is a unique year, as we all touched on, with Covid and him getting Covid and people react differently to it. I know what it has done to me, I know you continue to feel some type of effect by it, some people feel it longer than others. I’m not saying that was the only reason, but you just never know. We knew it was a matter of time before he was going to find his game and he certainly has done that.”
  • What are you seeing from Lafreniere now on that line as opposed to a month ago, “I just think he has a whole different approach over the last month. His work ethic has become more NHL-like, to no fault of his, the last thing I would ever call this guy is lazy, he works his ass off, but as I’ve said often, the biggest challenge for young players is learning what an NHL work ethic is and what you are going to have do to have success at this level. For guys to have success offensively a lot of things they’ve done throughout their career they have to alter a little bit to have success at this level and be productive offensively and he learned that. This kid continues to put the effort in, he gives the team a jolt of incredible energy and optimism and he’s playing with a big time level of confidence, as he should be. We knew he was a special player and he’s showing more and more of it as we move forward.”
  • Do you think Covid impacted Kakko, “I’m sure it has, I thought right from the get-go tonight that he was on, you could see it from his first shift, that line was really good early and that line has been good since we put them together. Kreids is certainly playing well, I like a lot of the things Fil has done, but I thought Kaapo, you could see early on that he was ready to go and had his legs, protecting the puck, did some great things offensively, it was good to see him get rewarded offensively.”
  • Why do you think the team takes risks when they have the lead, “This is just the type of players we have. We’ve got guys that are offensively driven and they see opportunities to create offense and that is how they judge their game and a lot of guys in this league do that. We are really good when we manage a game in a fashion where we know we don’t have to force offense. When we find that balance I think we are a dangerous team.”