2020-21 Rangers

Igor Shesterkin starting on Tuesady

3:23 PM: David Quinn spoke after practice today and said (NYR):

  • On Colin Blackwell’s status, “He’ll be day-t0-day, a little sore today after last night, but it was a maintenance day, and anticipate he will be ready to go tomorrow.”
  • On coaching the second game of a series, “Obviously the second game is always the hardest and our guys know that. As much as the schedule dictates…I don’t want the schedule to dictate how we approach things, but certainly, there are some adjustments you can make from a tactical standpoint, but at the end of the day, as I touched on last night, our game is all driven on how we balance our offensive skill and our commitment to playing smart hockey. One of the things that we talked about is these games with the Devils and Sabres are going to determine teams fate, whether they get in the playoffs or have the chance to get in the playoffs. Up to this point, we have taken care of business and we understand tomorrow is going to be harder, but to me, it’s way more about our approach and how we handle our skill with being smart and managing situations. To me, that dictates our success. Our guys know the magnitude of the game tomorrow night and where we are at in the season.”
  • What has been most impressive about Lafreniere, “How even-keeled he is, how happy he is, doesn’t let a lot bother him. It’s been a difficult situation for all the rookies in the league this year because they didn’t have a training camp or exhibition games and had to find a way to hit the ground running and when you think about it, in a normal season he’s got 30-games to go. In a normal NHL season, he’s a little past the halfway point of his rookie year, that being said, we have seven games left. Certainly love the way he approaches the game, how he wants to get better, his teammates love him and obviously, you are seeing the skill set we all knew he had.”
  • What has changed to allow you to convert more games into wins, “Obviously we’ve got talent and offensively we can be dangerous and when you have Panarin, more times than not, you are more dangerous than the other team and you put him in our lineup and all our lines look different and that is usually the case when you put someone of his magnitude in anybody’s lineup and everyone is better for it. That is kind of what has happened here since that second Boston game. We’ve referenced that game a lot as a turning point in our season and it’s put us in this position.”
  • On the goalie and any lineup changes, “Shesty will be in net tomorrow night and the lineup is going to be determined by who is available and one of the things with the lineup is you always wait for the Covid situation too, and we’ve been very fortunate in that area for the most part, but the Blackwell situation is one we are not sure of yet, so not sure what the lineup will totally look like tomorrow.”
  • On swapping Lafreniere and Kreider, “I think it’s worked very well. Kreider, Chytil, and Kaapo have played well, Laffy has done a good job with Mika and Buchie and it just gives our lineup a different look, I really believe that, I think it makes us look a little deeper and there is a little bit more balance up and down our lineup.”
  • On Jacob Trouba, “He’s making progress, was able to skate today, we will know more tomorrow and see how he’s feeling.”


1:40 PM: Igor Shesterkin will start for the Rangers on Tuesday against Buffalo. (NYR)


Jacob Trouba skated on his own and is still being listed as day-to-day. (NYR)

Colin Blackwell, who took a big hit into the boards last night, is not practicing with what the team is calling a maintenance day. (NYR)

Blackwell is day-to-day, but expected to play tomorrow. (Walker)