2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss to the Isles

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the loss to the Islanders and said (NYR):

  • On the game, “it’s an exhibition game, and I’m disappointed, obviously we didn’t play that well, didn’t play hard enough, but you know it’s not a thing you’re going to be really upset about you get ready for tomorrow and get back out again but no we weren’t good enough tonight for sure.”

  • What do you need to learn from this, “well, they watch the team across that played against them tonight, they did a lot of things right, they won the board battles, they played the game the right way they kept it simple. You know, they didn’t create, they didn’t give us scoring chances and tonight we turned pucks over that turned into scoring chances for them so you just got to play the game the right way. When there’s no play to be made, get it behind their defenseman stuff like that, we turn to many pucks over, and we give them, you know, we initiated their scoring chances for them.”
  • On the major penalty to Goodrow, “You know when you look at it by video, right away, it’s hard to tell but when you look at it, you know, he turned you know how the defenseman turn, and I’m not saying he turned into him but he turned and then Goodrow, you know, hit him from behind and there’s no doubt it’s a boarding penalty and then, unfortunately for us, he had some blood there and an injury and he gets a five minute major. When there’s an injury, with the blood, that’s what that’s what happened. So it was a two minute penalty until they saw the blood, so he had no choice. That’s the rule book and, you know, like I said it wasn’t a vicious hit but once there’s an injury it’s an automatic.”
  • On the lines without Goodrow, “Obviously I would have liked Goodrow to play the whole game, would have been good for him and good for a group but you know we threw some different guys in there so they get an opportunity and you know we overall we didn’t have a good night, like I said they were much better team and they did the right thing so we’ve gotta learn from it, get better every game and, like I said not put a whole lot into it but hopefully we’ll play better in the next one.”
  • On Dryden Hunt, “He played pretty good tonight he was probably the guy that stood out the most, more than anybody else, to be honest with you, and he did a good job, and for the most part he took advantage of his minutes tonight for sure.”
  • Is he a potential bottom-six guy, “just keep doing what he’s doing, and obviously we signed him for a reason, to give him an opportunity and tonight was a good night for him.”
  • Anybody else stand out, “Not, not, I mean, I thought guys played okay, some of them, but no not really. He’s the guy, as soon as we got off the ice we talked a little bit about said, you know, we thought he played a good solid game.”