2021-22 Rangers

The expected lineup against NJ tonight

1:07PM: Gerard Gallant said on Friday (NYR):

  • Are you still experimenting, “we are still experimenting with the lineup, guys are playing in different positions, so a little bit of experiments still going on. I think tonight and tomorrow will be the same type of thing and then the last two games will be a lot closer to what our team will look like, for sure.”

  • Are you going to cut down after Saturday’s game, “yea, I think that is the plan….The Rhode Island group is going to be smaller, for sure.”
  • Will some player play back to back, “There will be some guys playing both, that is the plan, not a whole lot, but there will be some.”
  • On Filip Chytil as a center, “Yea, he’s looked good in training camp, works hard. He likes to play center, that is where we want him….he’s a talented young hockey player and hopefully he takes with the other young guys.”
  • On center vs wing, “the two-way game, play a good, strong two-way game. I mean everybody wants to be the Patrice Bergeron type of player, that is what you love to see from your center, but not everybody’s going to be Patrice Bergeron obviously so just play a solid two-way game, get better at faceoffs, get better every game you play, You know, so hopefully Fil will keep doing that, because he’s look good in camp so far.”
  • On Goodrow and Chytil, “it’s fun to make up one of our lines and we all know what Goodrow brings, he’s not as skilled as those other guys, but work ethic, determination and solid penalty killing and all that stuff hopefully he shows why we got to him, character guy, leader guy  guy and shows a good work ethic, so that is going to rub off on some of the younger players and you need good leaders for that and I think Goodrow has done that.”
  • What do you like about Chytil and Goodrow together, “Well, we’ll see. We’d like it to be a hard working line, I mean we’d like it to be a hard working line. I mean, right now the makeup the line is a very young, skilled center that’s got to get better, is going to get better and a veteran guy that is coming in and won two Stanley Cups and is a character, leader guy. So we’re going to see where they go, but again it’s making up new lines. I want to see a line that can score, can shut down people and play a good two-way game, but I expect that from all my lines.”
  • Will Goodrow take faceoffs instead of Chytil, “Chytil is going to get better, that is why we are working on faceoffs a lot, talking about faceoffs, brought in Pierre Rascot to help with that. You’ve gotta give these guys a chance to win faceoffs and if there is a big faceoff and we think Goodrow can do a better job, then he might go in and take a few, not just for Chytil, but for different guys. That is the make up your team. You want confidence in your centerman and it hasn’t gone well, but this is a new year, we are moving forward, they want to get better and know they have to get better and that is the bottom line, you have to give them an opportunity.”
  • On splitting up Nemeth and Lundkvist, “It means nothing. (laugh). It’s different D pairs, different groups, obviously we know what our top four is, we will figure things out from there as time goes on.”
  • On Zac Jones and Braden Schneider together, “no reason, exhibition game, two highly skilled guys that we like and are going to be good Ranger players, whether it’s now or in the near future. We are filling out a roster, it’s exhibition games…”
  • Will Kinkaid play at all, “you are asking the wrong fella (laugh).
  • On Julien Gauthier, “he’s one of the guys that is ready to take a step and that is what we need, he’s going to play with some different guys and keep doing well, he’s had a good training camp, skates really well, he’s a big strong guy. Keep doing better and keep impressing the coaches and management.”

1PM: The lineup for the Rangers tonight in New Jersey is expected to be (Walker, Stephenson, NYR):


  • Chris Kreider, Mika Zibanejad, Vitali Kravtsov
  • Barclay Goodrow, Filip Chytil, Julien Gauthier
  • Dryden Hunt, Greg McKegg, Sammy Blais
  • Mason Geertsen, Morgan Barron, Lauri Pajuniemi
    • K’Andre Miller, Jacob Trouba
    • Jarred Tinordi, Nils Lundkvist
    • Zac Jones, Braden Schneider
      • Igor Shesterkin
      • Adam Huska

The two PP units are expected to be (Stephenson):

  • Chris Kreider, Mika Zibanejad, Vitali Kravtsov, Barclay Goodrow, Nils Lundkvist
  • Lauri Pajuniemi, Filip Chytil, Julien Gauthier, Sammy Blais, Zac Jones