2021-22 Rangers

The expected lineup for tonight in Boston and what Gallant said on Saturday

The Rangers lineup for tonight’s game against Boston is expected to be (Walker, Stephenson)

Forwards: Morgan Barron, Sammy Blais, Will Cuylle, Julien Gauthier, Dryden Hunt, Kaapo Kakko, Alexis Lafreniere, Greg McKegg, Lauri Pajuniemi, Ryan Reaves, Kevin Rooney, Ryan Strome

Defense: Libor Hajek, Ryan Lindgren, Nils Lundkvist, Patrik Nemeth, Matthew Robertson, Braden Schneider


Goalie: Alex Georgiev, Tyler Wall

Gerard Gallant spoke after the morning skate and said (NYR):

  • On Kravtsov, “he’s just day to day, he’s not making the trip with us. I don’t think it’s anything major, but, day to day and we will see when we get back from our bonding trip.”
  • Will Panarin play tonight, “Yea, he’s not playing .
  • So the roster is pretty much set, “I think after tonight you’ll pretty well see our full team for the next two games, pretty we’ll close to it. If not, you know, it will be real close after tonight, and that was the plan all along. I think that, if you really look at it it team was pretty close to picked, like every other NHL team t hree months ago, two months ago. So, no, I mean, obviously, we talked about playing for jobs and playing for battles and, you know, there’s 23 spots on your roster, probably 21 of those spots are already taken before we started, everybody knows that and then that’s the way it works when you’ve got a salary cap and contracts, that’s the way things work, you know, and there’s always a couple jobs and, you know impress us play well and get an opportunity to take a job and that’s what you’re hoping for.”
  • On last night, “Yeah, no, you’re not happy about it I mean nobody was happy about it last night after the game was over, but again it’s preseason you got to move on and you got to get ready for the important date the first game against Washington so nobody was happy, hopefully you get better from that and, you know, you take a little, a little kick in the butt from that and again get better from it but no, we weren’t happy at all but you shouldn’t be.
  • On Nils Lundkvist’s play so far, “he’s adjusting and and he’s getting better. He’s just a skilled, talented kid, and if you judge him from last night and the whole team last night we played way too much in their own zone, we turned pucks over, but he was okay he was he wasn’t too bad you know he played fine in a game like that. So he’s just going to keep getting better and give opportunities out there and hopefully they grab them, you know hopefully he’s ready,  but if he’s not ready then you know, that’s fine too. You know he’s a young player, he’s got to he’s got to get better, you got to be around pros, he’s around a lot of new teammates so there’s a lot going on for a young kid like that and, you know, obviously a lot of pressure he wants to make the National Hockey League and it’s not easy to do that.
  • On the biggest issue last night, “Last night we turned too many pucks over more than anything, the two blue lines were tough, tough areas for us last night we didn’t get out of our zone cleanly at all. And then, in the offensive zone we tried to hope some hope plays that didn’t work out and we turned to many pucks over in the offensive zone and it led the transition for them, and they got, you know, two or three goals off the rush and then two or three goals from D-zone coverage, where we made mistakes,
  • Did any of the plans change after last night, “Well obviously the Kravy one, Kravy was gonna play both but he get hurt. You know, me and Dru sat down with the staff and we made, sort of the lineup two days ago, and look at it and you know, is there a change, it might be one or two but not many. Not many it was pretty much set, the way we wanted.”
  • On players playing back to back night, “you know we want to get some some, we want to get some cuts, some numbers down, obviously, but they’re young guys that, you know, you better be able to play back to back games, you know and give us a showing in that. I mean obviously we’re not going to play some of the veteran guys back to back game for obvious reasons, and you know Panarin and, you know, he doesn’t have to play those games, he’ll probably play at least one of the next two, and guys like that so, but the young guys I mean they want to play they want to get in those games, they want to get involved in those games and they want to get better.”
  • Is Nemeth locked in on the third pair, “Yea, 100%.”
  • On Nemeth’s partner, “everybody that’s still on the board is still available. So that, that’s basically what it is I mean, we went out and got some did some things in the summertime and obviously there’s an opportunity for some of those guys to take one of those spots.”
  • Is Lundkvist the front runner right now, “That’s not fair. There’s a bunch of guys right there for that spot.”
  • On Zac Jones being a lefty, “We’re not worried about left or right because Nemeth can go both sides, so we’re not worried about that at all. For the situation.”
  • Can Jones play on the right, “I’m not sure about that. I don’t know where exactly where he played last year I mean, maybe he played a little bit of right, but you’d be more inclined to move a veteran defenseman over there, rather than a young kid, let them feel calm. Same as Laffy on the left wing and stuff like that I mean sometimes you move over for more ice time and more opportunity, but you’d like to know where the kids feel more comfortable, and that’s the biggest thing with those guys coming up.
  • What have you seen from the goalies so far, “I’m 100% comfortable there, I know our goaltending is really strong. It’s easy to look at a 7-1 loss last night say they have to be better. It’s early in training camp, goalies, you know, they come back they get over here they get they get on their routine so not concerned at all, I love our goaltending I think it’s gonna be really strong. and I know it’s going to be real strong.”