2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win in Boston

Gerard Gallant spoke after the win in Boston and said (NYR):

  • Was the plan for Georgiev to play two periods, “that was the plan going in. An extended luck and it’s getting later in preseason so we wanted to give them two full periods.”
  • On the game, “I think we played very well after the first period. The first period scared me, that top line was pretty scary and they were tic-tac-toeing the puck around but, it’s an exhibition game but like I said, I really liked the way we played for the most part, and especially the second and third, we played pretty tight and a lot better and you see more structure in your game. So, second and third was real good.”

  • On playing against the Bruins, “No, it was really good. It’s good experience for our young kids that played tonight and they’ve battled hard and like I said, did the right thing, we played the right way tonight so that was a lot of fun to see. You know we got the next three days, we’re going for a bonding trip so that really helps going to that the guys are pretty positive about that so that’ll be fun.”
  • Did any one player stand out, “well, Roons, obviously, with the big goals, I mean, but no, they all played well, you know, last night I had a hard time saying there was some good players. Tonight I had a hard time saying somebody played bad so it was it was a completely different night and I’m glad our team bounced back because I would have been pretty disappointed if we didn’t play the way I expected us to play tonight after last night’s game.”
  • On the team bonding trip the next few days, “It’s huge, especially for the coaching staff. We are all new coaches and get to meet a lot of the players and you know you starting to get to know them pretty good now so that’s really big. Also there’s quite a few new players here so in our group so I think it’s great that they get together, they’ll go golf and they’ll do things together so I think it goes a long way.”
  • What will you be doing on the trip, “I’m not golfing and I’m not sure what we’re doing as coaches, we’ll probably have a little bit of fun but we let the players do their thing and we’ll do our thing.”