2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Chicago

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over Chicago and said (NYR):

  • What is standing out to you, “real good parts in games and then, like any other team, you have some let downs in certain parts of the game, the first period I didn’t think we played our best, but like we talk about all the time, you have to play 60 minutes and we battled back in the second and third and played a lot better.”

  • On the resiliency of the group, “I watch games like other coaches do every night, obviously, and it’s the same for every team. There are very few teams that don’t have bad streaks in part of the game. You just have to keep pushing them and get back to our game, simple things, keep the puck going north, manage the puck, the things we always talk about. First period we made a lot of mistakes, neutral zone we turned pucks over and I think they hit two or three goalposts in the first period, but after that we played a lot better.”
  • On winning these one goal games, “I think we try to play the same way, we don’t try and change. They pull the goalie when it’s 4-2, our mentality is go out there and make sure we are forechecking them, when the opportunity is there, it’s like a penalty kill, you have to jump at the right time. You stay in that tight box, like we talk a bout, but when the puck is shot to the net and you have an opportunity to get those loose pucks, go get them. We don’t want to play the last six minutes of game backing off, that isn’t the makeup of our team, we’ve gotta continue to forecheck the last four minutes, like we did the other night, and that is how you win hockey games. I don’t like it when we are backing off and giving up the blue line and trapping, that isn’t the make up of our group.”
  • Is the PP in a groove right now, “yea, they feel each other, making good plays. They get one or two tonight, just good opportunities, even when they don’t score they are getting good opportunities, so it’s looking pretty good.”
  • What gave you confidence in Georgiev, “watching the kid last year when I was home doing nothing, watching their games and seeing how he played. Coming to training camp and watching him in practice and some of the games he played. He didn’t get a whole lot of work the past month and half, two months, but he’s getting an opportunity to play and played real well tonight, made some key saves for us and I feel good about him. He’s a confident guy and getting his opportunity, so hopefully he take it and runs.”
  • On Georgiev building on a strong performance, “it’s the same thing for every one of my players, nothing different. Like I told you, when I came to this team I didn’t know which one was the number one goalie, had no idea. I knew there were two solid goaltenders and Shesterkin took off from the first game of the season. I think they are both real good quality goalies.”
  • Do you feel good for Georgiev, “I feel great for Georgie, he’s a big part of our team. There are 23-guys in our group and they are all important and he’s  big part of our group.”
  • On coaching vs coaching against Panarin, “I thought the first ten games we didn’t have a good start at all, ever since then he’s been a real good player for us every night and making the big plays when we need it. He’s a lot of fun, I enjoy being around him, he’s always smiling and when you see that you know he’s going to have a good game.”
  • What have you noticed about Panarin and Strome, “I haven’t noticed it (laugh). It’s great, awesome, they are good friends and nothing better than, it’s the same as Kreids and Mika, guys like to play with each other and know their tendencies, it’s great.”
  • Do you expect Panarin to make those plays, “He better, for sure, he does it every night, that is what he does. PP he has time to make those plays and he always makes the right reads.”
  • Did the ref say anything about the challenge going against you, “we didn’t challenge it, they just looked at it and they said there was no whistle blown.”
  • But the penalty was called, “the first goal? They said they looked at it and they didn’t think it was over his shoulder. I said I disagree, but that’s fine. It was close.”