2021-22 Rangers

Updates from the Rangers on Monday

Adam Fox did not practice today with what the team called a maintenance day. (Staple)

Gerard Gallant spoke after practice and said (NYR):

  • On Adam Fox, “Maintenace, that’s it.”
  • He’s good for tomorrow, “yep.”
  • Is there a timetable for Shesterkin to get back on the ice, “No, I never heard that, but I think he’s coming on the trip, so whether he skates or not, I don’t know or if it’s just treatment, I’m not sure.”


  • What goes into the decision on whether to play Georgiev in both games, “we are definitely going to watch the game tomorrow and see where it goes and then see how things go from that, but there is no decision made yet on what we are going to do with the next two games. Georgie is obviously going to play tomorrow and we will see from there. Benny talks a lot about it and see what the workload is and see where everything is going and see how things go. Just trying to take it one day at a time.”
  • Do you like how the team played in front of him, “I want them to play the exact same way, it doesn’t matter if it’s Georgie in the net or Huska or whoever is in the net, you have to keep playing your game and as soon as you start changing your game then you are going to find yourself being in trouble. We gotta do what we do best and play the best way we can and I thought Chicago had some real good chances, if you look at the chances, they didn’t have a whole lot, but they had some Grade A chances. We gotta cut that down a little bit, but overall it was a real good game.”
  • What do you like about Georgiev, “stopping the puck, that is all I know about goaltending, stopping the puck. same as Shesterkin, same as anybody else.”
  • Are you looking for something different from the fourth line than the other ones, “100%, they know that. The game that they played, I think the Islander game, they were outstanding that night. If you can get that every night then you are real happy. It’s no different than your top line going out and scoring three goals and a PP goal. They play their role real good, work hard, compete hard, play a lot of time in the other team’s zone and finishing checks. Everybody knows their role and, like I said, you’d like to see them cash in some goals once in a while and get rewarded, but keep playing the way you are playing, chip pucks in, forecheck hard and don’t get scored against.”
  • On confidence in playing the fourth line, “that is what you worry about. Guys at the top of the lineup want to play, they don’t want to play 15-minutes a night, they want to play 18-20, and you try to satisfy everybody and that is what makes good teams. I think our top guys realize that, our fourth line isn’t going to play five minutes, they are going to play the 8 to 12-13 minutes, in that area, and that is important for our group.”
  • Does the fourth line wear teams down, “definitely. If you play the game fast the whole time and no one is bumping people and their defense is going to jump into the rush all night long it makes a big difference in what the other team is going to do. When you’ve got people bumping into people and playing physical hockey like that it goes a long way with our team.”
  • On keeping the lines the same, “when they are winning and playing good there is no reason to change much, but, again, Kaapo might be playing with someone else tomorrow night. He’s not, but things change in a day and coaches try different things. It’s an 82-game season and some nights you aren’t playing that well and you make a change, that is part of coaching and the game. Guys don’t mind that, as long as guys are playing they don’t care who they are playing with.”
  • Does it provide comfort to the players to stay with the same lines, “100%, there is nothing better, and I said it earlier in the year, than rolling four lines over and everything is going perfect. We are far from a perfect team, but we are getting better.”