2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Buffalo

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over Buffalo and said (MSG):

  • How are you doing, “I’m great, now.”
  • On the game, “I was really happy with the first period, obviously, we didn’t give them much at all and we were playing real good hockey and then, we talked about it a lot in our locker room, about changing momentum in the game and we started turning those pucks over again and that gave them momentum. Buffalo worked hard and competed hard, but we gave them a lot of those opportunities in the second period. Self-inflicted wounds by us, we gotta be better in those situations and you gotta get that 60-minute game and we are still working at it.”

  • How soon did you know the tying goal was offseason, “we knew right away, as soon as they entered the zone the video guys said, so we weren’t really feeling the pressure when they did score because we knew.”
  • On winning without playing 60-minute games, “Honestly, there are a lot of good teams in our league and I see it from other teams too, so it’s not just us. I know you guys watch us, but you look around the league with some of the other teams and you have some tough nights at times. We had too many early, but we eliminated a lot of those lately and it’s getting better, it’s coming, the players understand. Sometimes they happen and with the busy schedule and we had a few guys not feeling good tonight, so they dug down and found a way. It wasn’t perfect, our special teams have been good for us lately and that has been a big part of it, especially getting that first goal. Georgie was outstanding tonight, he made some really top-end saves on Grade A chances and I thought their goalie was good too, but Georgie was excellent, he was the difference.”
  • What does Georgiev’s play mean to the team, “it means a lot, he’s obviously played really well. We know what Shesterkin has done the first 20-something games of the year and it’s a long year, you need extra defensemen and forwards around, but when you have two goalies that you feel real comfortable putting in the net, it’s a huge thing for a coach and your team. No one can play 75-80 games anymore and you don’t want guys playing that, but Georgie playing the way he has played since Shesterkin went down is a plus for the organization for sure.”
  • Does Georgiev’s play allow you not to rush Shesterkin, “It definitely does, but he was on the ice today. It’s not a long-term injury and when the medical guys tell me he is okay…I’m never going to rush a player back ever, it will never, ever happen, but when the medical guys say he is cleared to go we will get him in there. Obviously, with our organization, we aren’t going to put a guy at risk to put him in too early.”
  • Is this a normal dip or cause for concern, “not a cause for concern at all. We lost to a great team the other night when we were, like we talked about this morning, a mentally drained team. Tonight we came out and played a great first period, didn’t play as well in the second and third, it wasn’t like we were dominated in the second and third, they had a push, they are the home team, they have pride, too, so they pushed back a little bit. I thought our goalie made some unbelievable saves so it was probably a 5-4 hockey game for somebody and another close game, but we can better, there is no doubt.”