2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Arizona

Gerard Gallant met with the media after the win over Arizona and said (MSG, NYR):

  • On Panarin, “minor, lower-body, day-to-day.”
  • Are you confident in that, “yea, but who knows? But we don’t…”
  • Was Chytil a healthy scratch, “he was a scratch.”
  • Why, “We got one extra player and Kegger was ready to go and decided, coaches decision to put him in there.”
  • Was it performance based to bench Chytil, “they usually are.”
  • What more do you want to see from Chytil, “Can we talk about the game, please? Seriously? We won a big….like, talk about the game and then maybe at the end I’ll talk about Fil a little bit.”

  • On the game, “I thought it was great, we battled hard, found a way to win, looked pretty tired at times, but it’s a good win.”
  • On Kakko, “it was great, great for his confidence, great for us. Obviously he banged that first one in and was around the blue paint and we talk about that all the time with our young players, to score goals you should be around that area. The second one was a huge PP goal, battled back and great for the kid and great for our team.”
  • On Kinkaid, “I thought he was real strong. That first save he made it got behind him a little bit and Libor took it from the goal line, I thought he was good, strong, he was good, looked solid. For a guy that hadn’t played in roughly 2-3 weeks, I was happy with the performance.”
  • Is Libor Hajek in the lineup because he earned it or is Lundkvist still sick, “He earned his way in there and played well and he’s played well since there.”
  • On being without Panarin, “you gotta dig down and find a way, he’s obviously one of our best players, if not our best player and we lose him early in the second and we just gotta keep battling and working hard. It was a tough night, our guys looked tired on the bench, they were dragging their feet a little bit, but they kept staying close to the game and we found a way late in the hockey game. Fortunately our PP did a great job late in the game and I wouldn’t say that we hung on, but we found some extra energy and it was a huge two points for us.”
  • On Kakko sliding into Panarin’s spot on the PP, “definitely, Bread will have a tough time finding that spot again, (laugh).”
  • On the first PP unit changing during the game, “yea, but guys go in different positions. Kaapo has been a net front gut a little bit, we had two net front guys, Kreider on the side and Kaapo down low. They talked about it between periods, what plays they would look at and Kreids made a great pass to him on the backdoor. It’s good to get pucks to the net, but it was a nice goal.”
  • On Kreider, Zibanejad, Kakko, “I thought they battled pretty hard and found a way to score some goals and competed hard. I thought our team was a bit tried from this trip and they all dug down.”
  • Was there anything other than fatigue for the slow start, “….no, really when you look back at a lot of these, and one other coach, not long ago talked about it, said that usually the toughest part in the back-to-back is the first period. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but usually the team struggles in the first period and after that they play a little bit better and that is what I saw from our group tonight. Why? I don’t know, but that is what I saw.”
  • On the two PPs at the end, “that was big. Unfortunate for them that the too many men at the end of the game happened to them. They played a gutsy game, they worked hard, competed hard, Andre has done a great job over there and they battled hard and it’s tough to see. I’m happy we won, but it’s tough to see a team lose late, give a couple of PPs late, but that is part of the game and the first penalty was obviously interference and we capitalized on it. The PP moved the puck well and it’s been really good for us the last six weeks. It was a big part of us winning that game, obviously.”
  • Is there anything you can elaborate on with Chytil, “not really, it’s a one game thing. We will see where it goes next game. Sometimes you need lessons, I’m not saying that was a lesson tonight, but sometimes, Kegger has been a great guy for us, he’s good in the faceoff circle, kills penalties a little bit, we will see where it goes.”