2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss to Vegas

Gerard Gallant met with the media on MSG following the loss to Vegas and said (NYR, MSG):

  • On the game, “the first 15 minutes wasn’t great, but after that I thought we played real, real good hockey the rest of the game.  They definitely the jump on early in the game, but we played really well the rest of the way.”

  • On the third period, “it wasn’t as good as the second, but they weren’t a lot either. It was one of those periods where there wasn’t much going on. They are a high-powered team and you try and play a little more defensive.”
  • Did the team sit back in the third period, “I don’t tell them that, but it happens to them mentally sometimes when you play a talented team like them. I want us to keep going, keep playing, play a little safer, not as much pinching from the defensemen. It’s a mental thing sometimes with the guys, we are pushing them on the bench to keep it going,  play hard and smart. The second period was as perfect as a period as we’ve played all year, but that is hockey, that is the mental part of the game. I didn’t think we played bad by no means in the third, but we didn’t play like we did in the second, for sure.”
  • On Zibanejad, “He was jumping from the first shift, I really liked his game. He stepped up big time for us tonight against top players over there and he was outstanding.”
  • On Georgiev, “Georgie was outstanding again tonight. The pucks he is seeing he stops. The overtime was pretty exciting both ways, lots of chances. It was an exciting game for me, good, two-way hockey in the third period. We were a little bit flat, but we played smart hockey and then the OT was outstanding.”
  • On killing that penalty in the first creating momentum, “definitely. The last five minutes of the first period and then the second was real good. The third we sort of sat back a little bit, I think we did, no doubt about that, but it wasn’t intentional, a mental type of thing, thinking about protecting that lead and doing the right things.”
  • Were you encouraged by the second period, “I come in after the second and said that if we match that period again there is no contest that we are going to win this game 4-1. We played really well, had lots of chances. You try to keep pushing and go forward and try not to pinch too much and make those mistakes. That is what happens, they won a faceoff and scored a goal.”
  • Have you liked the Mika, Kreider, Kakko line, “they are playing great, excellent hockey, no doubt and they play against the top lines of the other team and doing a real good job.”