2021-22 Rangers

What Kris Knoblauch said after the loss to LA

Kris Knoblauch met with the media following the loss to LA and said (NYR, MSG):

  • On the game, “I think a couple of things. I don’t think we capitalized on our opportunities in the first period, we had some good chances there. In the second period I saw us not executing, LA worked very hard and won a lot of battles along the wall and we didn’t generate very much. In the third period, I thought we did work and spent a lot more time in the offensive zone, but it was too late to get going.”

  1. Were you comfortable right away, “yea. It’s always easier when the team is playing well and you’re scoring and then you can worry about your line matchups. Obviously the first time, last year, I was nervous and I was very nervous before the game and once the puck dropped and I was into it, this year it wasn’t quite the same, I didn’t have the nerves. I feel very comfortable, I know Gord Murphy very well, we’ve worked together for a lot in the past, and just being with the organization as long as I’ve had, it’s an easier transition.”
  2. Why did LA have so many more shots, “Shot totals always come up a lot and it depends on where the host are and expected goals. Georgie played very well for us, came up with some big saves, especially late in the third period on the PK. You have to assess…I’ve always coached quality over quantity. Their quality is a lot better than ours and that is an issue. I think tonight they were the better team and would tend to have more shots than we would, but to be that lopsided I’m not that concerned and I don’t think Turk ever is either.”
  3. On Lafreniere on the right side and his chance setting up Strome early could have changed the game, “Absolutley, you talk to any player and they always feel better after they score and contribute offensively, it eases the mind. Hopefully that changes everything and you’ve got a one-goal lead and not only does it help Lafreniere, but the entire team. Playing with the lead is much easier than playing down. I think the first period, especially the first half, we came out strong, had some good scoring chances, their goalie played big, made some key saves and then the last 10 minutes of the first and into the second period I don’t think we played our best. I’ve seen this team play a lot and that wasn’t their best.”
  4. Do you think Lafrenire is comfortable playing on the right, “I couldn’t say, early on it looked good. I can’t say….as a team it’s tougher because when the team isn’t playing well you have a lot more defensive zone starts, whether it’s faceoffs or jut retrieving the puck in your zone and trying to break out or, even worse, the line in front of you just manages to survive their shift and dump it in and you come on the ice and immediately forecheck which is probably going to end up in your D-zone. It’s tougher. When a line plays well it’s not just that line, it’s usually the team that has had those shifts before set them up and put them in a good situation.”