2021-22 Rangers

Igor Shesterkin clears Covid protocol

10 PM: Igor Shesterkin will start in net. (MSG)

4:55 PM: Kris Knoblauch spoke after the morning skate and said (NYR):

  • How is Igor feeling, “Igor is feeling good, eligible to play tonight. We’ll address and decide later, after I talk to Turk, if he is our starting goalie or not.”
  • Igor hasn’t practiced, “He has not had a full practice, he was out on the ice today for some shots.”
  • Was he able to skate, “Yes, he was in NY, he was skating.”


  • On special teams, “I think a lot of the success the Rangers have been having, special teams is so important and goaltending, throughout the year, the goaltending has been outstanding, really good. Special teams, I’m not sure where it is now, but last week the PP and PK were in the top-five. Usually if you get special teams and goaltending it’s a good recipe for team success. I know they changed some of the defensive zone coverage a couple of months ago and that made big progress on how the team was playing five on five. An observer, from my home when I was watching on TV and what I see now, they are a pretty good hockey team.”
  • On Lafreniere playing the right, “I think the biggest thing is. there are a lot of advantages to playing the off side, one is mostly on the attack, being able to attack the puck a lot better and the option of delaying or cutting to the middle. The disadvantage is getting the puck, usually from the defensemen and knowing who is available right away because your vision isn’t as good as if you are on your natural side. There are just different plays and some guys figure it out, like Panarin can stop up and hit a delayed trailer whether that is in the offensive zone, neutral zone or even in the defensive zone and I guess it’s just players getting comfortable and knowing how much time they do have. There is an adjustment, Laffy is a very skilled player and with enough reps he will get familiar and comfortable and making a difference, but where he’s stronger that is to be determined.”

4:04 PM: Alex Georgiev stayed on late with the taxi squad after the morning skate. (Brooks)

2:31 PM: Igor Shesterkin has cleared Covid protocol and is on the ice at the morning skate. (NYR)

Dryden Hunt, who is currently on IR, is also on the ice at the morning skate. (Stephenson)