Tomas Hertl

Tomas Hertl could be a target for the Rangers

6/13 | On TSN, Pierre LeBrun spoke about how San Jose may take a run at trying to extend pending UFA Tomas Hertl.

LeBrun said that he expects the Sharks to make an offer for an extension, but added “if that doesn’t lead to an extension…the trade deadline is March 21st and there may not be a bigger name on the trade bait board than Tomas Hertl if he is officially made available between now and March 21st. He has almost a 100% no-trade clause, only three teams on his ‘yes’ list, he has lots of control.

LeBrun added, “One team to keep an eye on, the New York Rangers who I think have him on their list.”


Hertl, 28, has a cap hit of $5.625 million and has 20 goals and 11 assists in 37 games this season.

Larry Brooks said in the NY Post podcast Thursday, “if Tomas Hertl is there then I think the Rangers do everything they can to try and get him.”

Arthur Staple writes that it may cost the Rangers a first-round pick and a “b-level prospect” to acquire Hertl as a rental. (The Athletic)

Adam Rotter: Hertl is an interesting guy because he would fill the top-six hole the Rangers have but are they in the position to trade some of their top assets for a rental? I’m not sure this team is playing well enough and winning enough, without finding a way to win, to make that kind of move right now. That could change over the next two months or so, but making a move for that kind of rental seems premature for where the Rangers are in their process.

Then there is the question of what if Hertl isn’t a rental? What if they get him and ultimately sign him? That would mean Ryan Strome would be moving on after the season. They are the same age and while Hertl has been a more consistent offensive player over his career, they have similar points per game numbers over the last few years. I haven’t seen Hertl enough to know if he is a better player than Strome, but generally if all things are equal you go with the player you know.

This could all be for nothing and Hertl, like Chris Kreider in 2019-20, could go all the way to the deadline looking like he is going to get traded and then ultimately sign a long-term deal. There is no doubt that the Rangers need to add a forward, maybe two forwards, but there is still two months until the deadline.