2021-22 Rangers

What Kris Knoblauch said after the win in San Jose

Kris Knoblauch met with the media following the win over the Sharks (MSG, NYR):

  • What was the difference from Monday, “a lot of the  credit has to go to Shesterkin. There were a lot of Grade A scoring chances, Shesterkin came up big and made some big saves. Also, being able to play with the lead. That shorthanded goal that we scored allowed us to have a little bit of comfort and it’s always easier when you’ve got that lead and you aren’t pressing or cheating to score on offense. Overall I thought everyone showed up and played pretty well.”

  • How proud are you of Braden Schneider, “very much. Just this morning or yesterday I was telling you what he brings, he’s a good defensive defenseman and I’d like to say he provides that offensive scoring touch all the time, but I was very proud of the way he played. His first couple of shifts he was in the play a lot, made really simple plays, passed the puck to the forwards. I don’t recall him being out of position all night. That is his game. It’s nice to get him rewarded and scoring that goal with his parents here in town watching him. Very happy for him.”
  • On Nemeth and Schneider, “I thought those two played very well. It’s difficult for Nemeth or any left defenseman to play the right side. It’s just more difficult, you get caught in no-mans land and when you’ve got the puck it’s harder to get the puck out of danger when you play the off side. Tonight, him and Schneider, it was one game, but I thought they played really well together.”
  • On Kreider’s game, “I saw a lot from him tonight, thought he played really well. The PK made some really key kills, the shorthanded goal, probably the things that come to mind for me are key plays in key moments and I believe there were two in the last two minutes of getting the puck out of the zone. They are pressing, have the goalie pulled, looking for the goal and it doesn’t look very much to a casual fine, but it’s a very important play in hockey, especially when the game is on the line and he made that play a couple of times.”