2021-22 Rangers

Barclay Goodrow clears Covid protocol and Dryden Hunt off IR

3:03 PM: Tim Gettinger and Jonny Brodzinski have been sent to Hartford. (NYR)

1:10 PM: Gerard Gallant spoke after practice and said (NYR):

  • Who is your goalie tomorrow, “tomorrow? You aren’t going to find out until tomorrow (smile). 5:30 PM tomorrow night I’ll let you know. Me and Benny haven’t even talked about it yet, he’ll tell me shortly.”
  • Any concern with Strome not practicing for two days, “no, he’ll be ready to go tomorrow, another maintenance. Obviously, I’d like to see him skate today, but he’s ready to go.”
  • Are Hunt and Goodrow good to go, “yea, they should be fine. He’s out of protocol, obviously, they both skated today, I don’t see any issues with them. We’ll make a decision tomorrow.”


  • Where will you put Goodrow, “Don’t know yet, I wanted to get him cleared first and then we’ll worry about that, but as soon as the trainers tell me I’ll start putting the lines together, mixing and matching.”
  • Have any of the kids made it a tough decision on who comes back in, “yea, I mean they are tough decisions, but they are common-sense decisions. I know my team, we’ve been together almost 40 games now. We’ll make the best decisions possible as a coaching staff, do what is best for us. They’ve all played well and done a good job, it makes it tougher, but I’ll make my decisions based on our team going forward and if those guys are ready to come in then they are probably going to play.”
  • On Hunt and Gauthier, “I don’t know they were struggling, they weren’t scoring or putting the puck in the net. Hunt was playing with different lines, obviously going up there with the top line and playing quite a bit with them. I wouldn’t say they were struggling, but they weren’t contributing as much as you’d like, but I’m not calling it a struggle.”
  • How does the evaluation process change when the lineup is always different, “As a coach you’d, like I said earlier in the year, love to keep to rolling four lines as long as everybody is playing well and winning hockey games, that is what you want, but it’s not going to happen in today’s NHL, especially with Covid going on. We’ve adjusted, I think for the most part it’s been really positive, guys have come up and played really well, really happy with every one of them and they’ve done their jobs. That is what you take, as a coach you say it’s going to take 23-guys to win and make the playoffs in this league, but it’s going to take 30 guys probably because you keep calling  guys up and they’ve done an outstanding job and that is good for our organization, good for us coaches to know that when we’ve gotta call a guy up that he can come up here and play really well. That is what it is and when guys come back and you put your line up together and sit down with your coaching staff and making decisions, this is our team. Goodrow is going to go back in the lineup whenever he’s ready, whenever he feels good enough, it’s an obvious choice.”
  • On the bottom six moving around,“I wouldn’t say that, you put different guys in different spots. When everyone is healthy we know what our lines are and what they are going to be. I don’t know third line or fourth line, the so-called AHL line, they didn’t play like a fourth line, they played really well, worked hard and did their job perfectly. You can say Ryan Reaves is the fourth line or some nights Ryan Reaves’ line is the third line. Whoever is playing well that night…sure, we’ve got third and fourth line like every team does, but some nights when your fourth line plays as well as ours has in the past they are like a third line.”
  • Is there a style you have for a third or fourth line, “no, I want our players to play the same way all the time. I don’t want Ryan Reaves trying to be a fancy-dancy, I want him to play his game. I want Greg McKegg to play his game no matter who he is playing with.”
  • On Kreider, Zibanejad and Kakko being together for a while, “obviously the top two guys on that line have had an outstanding year so far. One is going to the All-Star game with 24 goals, I think, and Mika has been outstanding the last number of games. Kaapo, the numbers aren’t there, but he’s playing good defensive hockey. They’ve played good, been a big part of our team winning, but when we win it’s about our team, not one line.”
  • Is that the best spot for Kakko or do you think about moving him around, “As long as we are winning and he’s playing well I’m happy with him right where he is at.”
  • Where do you see your team at 40 games, “I don’t worry about the rest of the league, I worry about where our team is and I’m happy where our team is. We’ve got eight games until the break and, obviously, we are in first place in our division, a real good division, I’m real happy.”
  • How tough is the next stretch, “they are all a test, those good teams coming up, top teams, but like I said before two points against Carolina or teams on the bottom, it doesn’t matter every team can beat you in this league and if you aren’t prepared to play you are going to lose.”
  • Are you surprised where you guys are, “no, I’m not surprised at all. Do I look at other teams and say they are real good hockey teams, yea. When I come to this team at the first of the year I knew we had a good team, good goaltending, just keep playing and play the games. I like what we are doing, but I’m not surprised.”

11:45 AM: Ryan Strome didn’t practice again and Kaapo Kakko took his spot on the PP. (Stephenson)

The second PP unit was Barclay Goodrow, Julien Gauthier, Filip Chytil, K’Andre Miller, Jacob Trouba. (Stephenson)

11:15 AM: The Rangers have announced that Barclay Goodrow has cleared Covid Protocol and Dryden Hunt has been activated off IR. (NYR)

Hunt was put on IR on 1/8 with what the team said was an upper-body injury.