2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Toronto

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the Rangers win over Toronto and said (NYR):

  • On the start, “a little worried, to be honest with you. We came out a little sleepy, obviously, and it seems that when you get back from those road trips, for whatever reason, that first period is tough, it was a tough one.”
  • On Reaves scoring, “it’s about time, I mean, we love Reavo, but he gets around the net and scores a couple of big goals for us. He was really excited and I know our team loved it when he got in front of the net and scored those goals. He started the comeback and it was real big for us, that line got things rolling and we played really well after the first period.”
  • What did Reaves do well, “moving his feet, looks like he’s quick, feet are moving, worked hard in practice lately, I know that. His feet are moving and he’s a different player, a little quicker and around the puck and a big guy forechecking like that, guys don’t like to get hit. He’s a big man and tough to maintain around the net.”
  • On their resiliency, “we weren’t happy with what was going on tonight and after the first period we talked about it and said we are only down two goals, we didn’t play well at all, but we are down two goals and let’s get going. We got a great crowd here tonight and everything was going against us and we found a way to get those goals. Reavo got the first and the guys were excited on the bench and then he got the second goal for us and it seemed like the momentum tipped up and we just played a lot better. We were skating in the first and that was a big difference, but second and third we came out and were moving our feet.”
  • Did the rest of the team follow what the fourth line was doing, “definitely, no doubt. The rest of the team doesn’t play like that line, but they played better hockey and more containment in the offensive zone and we had some real good chances and it just turned over. When you get momentum from those guys playing the way they played, it’s great for your team.”
  • On keeping that line together, “I liked the way they played in the past. Not every time you can get them, there are different lineups, Goodrow is moving around to different places, but I liked the way they played recently when they played together, played a real good game tonight.”
  • On Chytil with Strome and Panarin, “At times.”
  • They got better late in the game, “yep, definitely.”
  • Was Dryden Hunt out for warmups, “no. We just had the 20 guys for warm ups. He’s ready to go, he’s cleared to play now.”