2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss to the Islanders

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the Rangers loss to the Isles and said (NYR):

  • Do you think you should have gotten at least a point against the Islanders, “yea, I figured that, yes. We played hard, played well, competitive, it was a good hockey game. Obviously the goaltending was great at both ends even though it was 3-0. We tested him a lot and they got some real good goals.”

  • Is there anything they can do to get out of this little offensive stretch, “No, I was more concerned about the three games prior to last night. I thought we played hard last night and got a big point against a real good hockey team and then I thought tonight we played a good, solid game for three periods. I like the way we’re playing and if we continue to play like that we’ll win.”
  • Does it feel like there are enough quality scoring chances, “there were some good ones. You gotta give him credit tonight, he was probably the first star tonight. I don’t think we got great PP looks as much as we’re used to, but, again, I thought he made some real good saves down there.”
  • Does not getting great PP looks have to do with their PK, “they have a great PK, they haven’t gotten scored on this year, so that was probably some of it, but we did have some good chances on it.”
  • Does it seem like you need a rebound or a tipped shot to go in, “an ugly goal would be good, yea. And we had a lot of chances, the guys were in the blue paint and their goalie played outstanding.”
  • Do you take anything out of having more than 40 shots the past two games, “yea, that is good….the analytic guys are wrong, we lost both of those games, but keep putting pucks to the net. We shot the puck and we always begged for them to shoot the puck more last year and we’re getting more shots, they just gotta go in.”
  • On Halak, “I’m happy with the way he played tonight, played a real good, strong game. Real happy.”
  • Do you think that the low scoring and grinding style plays to the Isles strength, “Yea, but I don’t think it was that type of game, honestly, we had 40 shots tonight and should have had 3-4 goals. It wasn’t like it was 1-0 where there weren’t many chances. I think we created chances, it’s just that at the end of the night their goalie was outstanding.”