2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss to Boston

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the Rangers loss to Boston and said (NYR):

  • On the game, “the second period I thought we played real well. In the first it was a dull game, I thought, they outplayed us. Not that they had a whole lot of chances, but it was sort of back and forth and not much going on. But the second I like the way we played and it looked like we ran out of gas in the third.”

  • Was that due to Lindgren not being there, “I’m guessing, but I can’t say for sure and then Schneider had the fight so we were down to four d-men. Foxy and those guys had to play a lot of minutes…but, no excuse. You gotta battle, that is part of the game.”
  • Any update on Lindgren, “He’s day-to-day, we’ll know more tomorrow.”
  • What were your impressions of Boston, “They are a good hockey team. They did nothing that didn’t surprise me tonight. They move the puck, they play hard, a good, solid game. That is why they are 10-1, real good team.”
  • Fox said that you guys were too respectful of Boston for part of the game, “I sure hope not. I mean, they are a good team, they’re 9-1, but, I look at the lineups and I like our team, too.”
  • Do you think losing Lindgren and all the games this week played into running out of gas, “Losing Lindgren is big anytime. You’re going with 5 d-men and then, like I said, Schneider has that fight and stands up for himself after a good hit and does the right thing and then you are down to four. I think it catches up to you a little bit. Whether it did or not, you’d have to ask Foxy and those guys, but I thought they battled through it and played hard. Team responded in the second, I didn’t like our third, obviously, but the second was pretty good.”
  • Schneider’s hit was clean, “perfect hit, nothing to it.”