2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss in Boston

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the Rangers loss to Boston and said (NYR):

  • Did you like what you saw in the first two periods, “parts of it, yea, definitely. We didn’t create enough in the first two, but I thought that overall it was pretty good and that we had a chance going into the third, 2-1 down, an opportunity. But we didn’t….like I said, there was a lot of good, but there was some bad, too.”

  • Are Kane and Panarin forcing too many plays, They trying to force the plays in the middle of the ice too much and there’s too many turnovers. Like I said, there’s chemistry there, but you’ve got to make sure we’re making strong plays. There’s too many times where we’re trying for that long pass, east/west in the offensive zone. They know our players too and you are going to pick that off and then they are going the other way. They’ll get it together, but it wasn’t good tonight, there were too many turnovers. Not just by them, but a lot of guys.”
  • Does the PP just need some time to gel, “Yea, it needs a lot of time to gel. Couple of guys in different positions and different set ups, we’ll work with it. We’ve got some time this week and that is the good part of it. We’ll look at it this week and decide what we’re gonna do. There are a lot of good players on it and it’s gonna be a good PP, but you gotta get it working.”
  • How important is the time off this week, “two days off is going to be great. We’ve been shorthanded a little bit, especially our defensemen are going to have a good break for two days and then we’ll get back to practice and get some line combos together and see how she goes.”